Sunday, May 21, 2017

A real mixed bag

The weekend was full of variety - and time to do all sort of things that needed doing.

I made some progress on my etching and letterpress work, I met with a fellow about a new book commission and got the details so I can start thinking about that and I managed to do some small arty type chores/projects.

A life of and with art is never simply about making - the talking about commissions, wrapping and packing, pricing, and preparing are all part and parcel of it.

Barry is involved with the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre and volunteered to paint some stakes for the vegetable garden (it is a massive community garden that offers so many people in need access to fresh fruit and vegetables).  He also volunteered that I could write the names on them!

So after the stakes were dry from painting I sat down to work out what was needed. I decided that there was NOT going to be any calligraphy - I was simply going to sit down and write the names on the 50 stakes.

Which is easier said than done of course.

The style of pen was up for debate and given the size/length of the stakes and the length of the words, I chose the simplest bullet-tip marker, with a narrower tip for the top writing.

Because the words differed in length, I wanted to try and keep the size of the lettering similar, it couldn't be exact but I wanted it to look rather regular or uniform.  So I devised an excellent template!

 You can see the gap where I would write. It was attached to the table and flipped back; I put a stake underneath, lined up the top and bottom and wrote in the gap.

 One tub full.

A second tub full

Four tubs full full!

In preparation for September at the Sydney Contemporary, I am continuing the quest to work out how to present unframed work.  I spent a few hours going though books and making some small mock-ups of possible options.

I want to have the unframed works on paper presented in 'something', to make them look special.  I shall attach them to foam core and wrap them in a cellophane bag, but then I want a little bit more...

Fun was had! But no decisions made.

And then I packed up some commissions ready to deliver to their new home!


  1. Wow! brilliant freehand lettering, love the thoughts on how to present the frameless work, let's meet up at the Art Fair Fiona!

    1. Let's do it Mo! Will let you know my timetable/schedule/roster when I know it. I was pretty chuffed that the handwriting looked all OK in the end; and the presentation options were good food for thought too. Go well.

  2. Oh Fiona, your attention to detail is something I should take on board. I'd have scribbled the veg names in any old way or means but then I'd miss on the thrill of seeing all those wonderful stakes in that box. They really are a thing of beauty to me.... now all I want to know is 'what are snowpeas'?

    1. I was a little bit chuffed too Lesley that my hard work and planning paid off! I think what we call snow peas, you might call mange tout? A bit like we call aubergine Eggplant, and courgette zucchini! Not quite as refined, but very us! Go well.


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