Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Type bonanza

I am not really an e-Bay kind of gal; I rarely look there and never really know how to navigate it or what to do once I am in there.  But for some strange reason, I was there last week and found another Adana press for sale with some bibs and bobs.  It was for sale and for offer, so I made an offer that I thought was fair, and blow me down it got accepted!

The weird thing was that the press and the type were in Nambour, which is only 40 minutes drive from us (in Australia being able to go for a quick trip to collect presses and type is pretty rare), so I was extra chuffed with that.

The extra press will be handy (the count is now 5 Adanas so that we can do some teaching and go on the road to teach); but I could not believe all the extras that were included. Some photopolymer plates, some snips, chases, quoins, furniture, and a UV exposure unit!

In amongst it all there was a stack of type,  which I hadn't really paid much attention to in the ad. In a few spare hours here and there I have begun to sort it and am thrilled with the beautiful typefaces and the volume of type.

The stash (excluding press and UV unit)

One of the challenges is that much of the type has kind of cascaded...having only been stood in a metal tray and not kept rigid.

There are quite a few hours needed to sort these two lots - the type is small as well and there is plenty of it.

There were three boxes of this small italic, pointed pen type script - also needing to be sorted and named and packed away safely...

But I did manage to get a couple typefaces sorted and packed away

This one I just cannot find in any of my book -  a mystery typeface for me at the moment.
It is rather lovely and after sorting it into a new used box, I simply inked across the top of it and patted some paper down to get a bit of a look and feel for it.

It look like I might be missing "W" but a part of me wonders if in fact the third line, second in, isn't "W" without one of the attaching diagonals? I'd like to hope so!

And this lovely 18pt one as well - I have at least discovered its name Annonce Grotesque aka "Hallo".

 And yet another lovely one that I didn't even see on one of the trays until I had sorted something else.  It is sweet and elegant and I want to start using it already. It is now sorted into a box and I can see at a glance what is there.

Again, just a rub and  pat to get a better look at it and to be able to find it in my books. It is called "Colonna" and is 18pt. I plan to do a proper book all the typefaces I have and in what sizes, so for the time being a bit of a rough impression will do.

What an astonishing find!  I am currently sorting a 24pt Rockwell and a 12pt Rockwell and there are three or four more to sort still!


  1. Oh my, what a cache! I love the font with the missing W - it would be perfect for starting a line/paragraph, wouldn't it, combined with a plainer font?
    Just perfect!

    1. So sorry for my late reply Claire - but you are right - as an intro letter or header it will be perfect!

  2. oh how exciting! I hope you find the missing W of the mystery one and what it is called.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. I am so struck by the fact that this ‘stash’ came so coincidentally your way that I felt it was meant to be. You and printing must be pre-destined. You certainly have the disposition, patience, and sense of ‘organisation’ for such a pursuit. To me, it is wonderful that the grand old printing trade is getting a new lease on life and in such a beautifully creative way. More power to you.

    Have fun...Smile Jo (Murray)

    1. Thanks Jo! Sometimes things find their way to the right people at the right time - lucky me!

  4. Be still my beating heart! You lucky, lucky girl. What a haul. Gorgeous typefaces and a UV Exposure unit to boot. I'm in the throes of building one and you find one by chance. Jammy or what? Perfect for solar plate but you have enough solar power already in that glorious weather of yours. Serious envy from this here......

    1. Sometimes the winds of chance blow your way don't they Lesley? And the UV exposure unit is apparently used to dry painted acrylic fingernails and works a treat! Might be cheaper than buying a real one? I shall have to do some trials but the fellow I bought it from was very happy with what it achieved. Go well.


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