Sunday, September 3, 2017

Exciting times and what will be waiting...

I am almost packed for Sydney - a few extra bits to collect,then we're all good to go.

After such lot of work and what feels like such a lot of time, it will be grand to get there and get into it. The event looks astonishing and I am excited about being part of it and being able to attend events and view amazing art.

On Thursday night last week, we travelled down to Brisbane for bit of a 'do'. The Mohawk Paper Show was in town and I was most excited when I got there to discover I was a national finalist with my poster "Justice".


Pretty much entirely unexpected, it was an honour to be in there with some amazing work, and to see that traditional, hand-set letterpress was still valued in amongst all the contemporary gorgeousness which the big companies had made.

A few pics of the event.

And me looking a wee bit chuffed!

So the weekend was spent doing a variety of things - the Maleny Printmakers' collectables show is on for two weeks and there is some great work there. We bought a few pieces which made us very happy.

We did Father's Day things with my dad including orchid-purchasing; and I got organised and packed a fair bit.

And I stuck my head into the studio to just have a sense of what would be waiting for me when I return from Sydney - hmmmmm.

 Lots of tidying, cleaning and sorting I think!

It's been a ridiculously busy time so I forgive myself; and despite not loving the large job that awaits me; I know I will love having a clean and bright studio space again soon.


  1. I'm thinking I've said this before (as your periodic studio cleaning is an ongoing inspiration), but still this reminds me of Billy Collins' wonderful poem "Advice to Writers" which leads one to "the immaculate altar of your desk" upon which to create

    1. My studio tidying seems to be very cyclical Liz - I am just not one of those folk who could clean and clear after every session...and you can see how bad things have gotten in this last little while. But what a lovely thought - the altar of my desk...go well.

  2. Replies
    1. I know Mo - who'd have thunk it?!?! Feels very woohoo indeed.

  3. Well done Fiona! You deserve it.
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Thanks so much Sandy - very kind. It was most unexpected!

  4. happy for you!!! and the studio, well, how can it be fertile without a little messing up?

    1. I have to hold onto that notion V - sometimes I just have to keep making through the chaos; at other times I need it calm and clear to begin. We are about to make calm and clear I hope!


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