Sunday, September 24, 2017

One more teaching gig

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and I have one last teaching gig.  I will be teaching what was a 5 day workshop - Quietly and Gently - in a single day!

Sounds like fun  doesn't it?

There will be lots of modifications made, but the theme will be the same - exploring the beauty and subtlety of working white on white.

In the 5 day workshop I teach a coptic binding sample book; and then another book and slip case.  With this one I still want lots of samples, but am looking for solution that is quicker than a coptic binding.

Over the weekend I spent time making samples of various techniques and using various papers.

Every time I needed to include words, the only one I could think of was peace. And words about peace.
Metals stamped words. These are de-bossed into the paper; but look embossed in the photos.

 Tracing paper, piercing, tracing wheels and gel pens.

Typewriter without ribbons

The last word...

Embossing. It is a shame we won't have access to a press; but you can still do some good embossing by hand.

Cut out letters attached above the paper.

And so to the 'book' which will hold all the samples. I had made a concertina book with pouches into which the samples could be placed.  It worked pretty well - you could pop several samples into each pouch, but I just wondered if there was another solution.

I picked up apiece of paper that had been given to me recently. and folded it into one envelope type pouch. Then I slipped all the samples inside.

I think it looks inviting. It is also elegant and simple which I like. the aper is the softest baby blue, which while it isn't white still looks lovely.

So I think we might have two options at least, and a third could still present itself to me in the meantime I guess!

We had gusty winds and driving rain (yay for the rain) over the weekend so I have a few repairs to make to the weather grams...but they shall return to fly and flutter another day.


  1. Whatever the solution you'll come up with: the workshop will be a lot of fun, I'm sure !

    1. Thanks Annick - it will be interesting to see how well it morphs into a full on one day workshop, hopefully it will still be gentle. Go well.

  2. White on white ... how that might be another form of asemia. I feel a peace patch forming in my mind ...

    You are such an inspiration!

    1. Happy discoveries Liz! I am hand stitching pax in my handwriting onto paper today - so calming and beautiful. Enjoy!

  3. love the elegance of your solutions

    1. Thanks Mo - I really like where I got to with the pouch, it just feels right. Simple and calm. We shall see what they choose!

  4. Ah, the calm simplicity of white on white. It could all make for a beautiful day's workshop. Wish I could be there!


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