Sunday, March 25, 2018

Home from the Highlands

We are back from an amazing 4-5 weeks away, staying in the wild, remote and isolated Scottish Highlands.

Barry and I have become third/share partners in a wee cottage on the North Coast of Scotland - way north!

We headed over to re-furbish the cottage - to scrape, patch, paint all the rooms and also furnish it so that we can visit comfortably in the future.  We worked really hard nearly every day, but did manage to find so many moments of beauty.

It was particularly special and magical for us to arrive when snow was everywhere; and to experience a good snow dump. Lucky for us it was big enough to be excellent; but not harsh enough or long enough to cause us much angst. Unlike friends in the US who have had way too much snow this season.

Here are some  images of those moments when you stop and see the beauty in small things; and appreciate magical landscapes.

The cottage itself amongst snow.

The view from upstairs the morning after a reasonable snowfall...the light is so soft and eerily beautiful.

Moon set one morning

The sun trying so hard another morning...

Snow shadows 

Grass seed against snow

Snow flurry at night

Snow build up on the window

Frost on the beach

Rocks within ice


Lovely lichen

Dancing grasses

We had the most wonderful of times - towards the end I was itching to start making again as all the hard work was coming to an end...but that shall be for next time.

Now we are home I have two commissions to do; a workshop prepare for; and a couple of commitments to get moving on so there will be art again soon!


  1. beautiful! and the chicken wire with lichen is sublime

    1. Thanks Velma - it was so cold, but so worth it!

  2. wow, such a beautiful wild place, beautiful photos!

    1. It is indeed a wild and magical place Mo - very special, very fortunate...

  3. your pix are truly amazing. It looks like the desolate scenery of one of my favorite cop shows: Shetland.

    1. It is almost a case of 'next stop Shetlands' from where we are Dee - way north on the mainland. It is a magical place - wild and empty, I just love it!


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