Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thursday Thoughts...

"Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably". 

CS Lewis

Indeed! Could there be two more enjoyable pastimes?

Not for every meal of course; but there can definitely be companionable silences over breakfast as one reads the newspapers in whatever form they appear.  Sitting by yourself with some coffee and a biscuit as you read is a delightful way to while away some time; by evening a glass of wine and cheese and bikkies and a book seem a near perfect recipe.

Most of my meals tho I do prefer to have a chat, to converse to laugh and talk about the doings of the world and of the day.  To sit and read a book whilst we all ate together would seem a bit odd.  Altho a book makes the perfect companion when eating alone in a restaurant.

That said, my reading and eating can happen almost anywhere - on a train, on a plane, on a couch, in a coffee shop (but rarely, if ever, do I eat in bed!)

Sadly if I am reading and eating chocolate I eat too much chocolate - never paying attention, just the rhythm of repeating - reaching eating reading, reaching eating reading - eyes never leaving the page.  Sigh.

Both food and reading are pleasures indeed, and like all good things, balance seems to be the key!

The kitchen in the cottage - I love that I can be sitting at the table reading, with a cuppa, and still manage to stir the local plums as they stew! Cosy.


  1. I used to eat whole bowls full of popcorn when I was studying at college ... an echo of your chocolate reading rhythm

    and I noticed the Before Times hairstyle ... though I don't recall seeing the cottage interior before

    1. My hair is a great record of the times Liz! This was mid 2019 I think... And I realise I probably haven't shown the inside of the cottage much at all - shall remedy that soon. Everything is small in scale and I do love this. If you sit on the other side of the table you can open the fridge! Go well.

  2. F - that is just one of those great images of the cottage - able to read and prepare a meal at the same time without getting up - love it.B

    1. It is such a good reminder of how it feels to be snug in the cottage isn't it? With book, cuppa and phone at hand, I stir!


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