Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Fire and Flowers

 On our last visit, I created the first in a series called Charred. What started with some burnt fence posts became a lovely, balanced and elegant sculpture. Barry and I joined forces to create Charred II which I am not sure I ever blogged about! In fact looking back I never even photographed it! Must have been just before we left early last visit.

Charred II

And a photo a friend took to show me the sweet peas, but there it is in front!

Following the creation of The Fishers post as part of Barry's exhibition and our work with the students, there was a small (23cm x 23cm) cube left over. Which immediately said to us both it needed burning.

On Saturday we had a good day for burning - not raining, not too windy, and not too hot; kind of like a Goldilocks day. So we went ahead and have created the base for our next sculpture in the series Charred III.

I am looking forward to adding in all the bits of interest to make this another lovely piece for our garden.

And then, as ever, to flowers (with the addition of feathers and fruit). I have loved the summer brightness of so many flowers in the garden and how they have cheered each room I add them to. In the kitchen, with my favourite bird the chaffinch at the window.

And our fabulous crop of apples out the back - culinary ones some have been stewing them for our breakfast and they are delicious.

As we farewell the last of the bright colours, I turn to and enjoy the muted tones of the dried grasses and weeds.

And just keep arranging and re-arranging them...

And playing with effects.

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