Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas cheer

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas - food and wine are flowing; presents being bought and wrapped; friends and families are gathering in different combinations and even the weather is momentarily warming up.

We have put our very minimalist Christmas tree up and chosen a very minimalist colour scheme this year. Each year the Dempster-Smith household colour co-ordinates Christmas and after last year's vibrant purple and azure blue; we have gone for neutrals. I say 'we' but this year, poor Barry just got told after the event - but luckily he likes it!

The wrapping is plain old brown paper and the ribbon is a nice chocolate brown and beige. It's a really strong ribbon and feels rich.  I made origami peace cranes out of the brown paper (not very good for folding or holding creases I discovered) and have dangled them from the tree.

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas indeed!


  1. Very elegant!
    I wish you a very happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas!

  2. Fiona, I love your minimalist tree and simple yet striking color scheme! Proving once again that one does not need to go to extremes to create a beautiful visual effect! Season's greetings to you. Seeing these images makes it feel a lot more like Christmas!

  3. ~ok i love this this...an iron tree to last year after year...and the origami cranes are a perfect touch of simplicity yet powerful in their meaning...i have been creating cranes for a few months now with the intention of finishing 1000 in a year!!! just beautiful fiona...warm holiday wishes and brightest blessings upon you and yours~

  4. oooohhhh! I LOVE your packages! And I love the "minimalist Christmas tree"... i need one like that! VERY charming indeed!

  5. Now those are what I call stylish packages. That ribbon has such class!

  6. Hi all - for me the simple often works well I must say, no surprises or shocks there! The tree is an absolute favourite - a friend's brother in law made it a decade or so ago and I have always loved it. It doesn't take up much room and is open to all sorts of colour combinations, and is pretty low-key to decorate.

    I was also very happy when the idea of brown paper, ribbon and peace cranes appeared in my head - perfect!


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