Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Thoughts...

My eyes have become accustomed to viewing, a delicate task of refocusing, of starting to see absence as well as presence, to recognising the slight contrast of a trace. Searching for traces that no longer can be given a name.
Melissa Herrington

Art is such a life of observing, seeing and discovering.  Oftentimes, quite differently from others around us. This capacity to see beauty in the minutiae, to observe the absence of something, the shape or sense left by something not there.

Somehow seeing the shadows, the light filtering and playing, the juxtaposition of vibrant colours.

I think you know kindred art spirits when you look at photographs from their holidays.  Rarely do people and buildings and sights feature - it's the lichen on the stone; or the tumbled down rocks of a wall; the puddles reflecting the buildings or the texture of some fabric.  It can be impossible to tell where they have been from their images; but each image sings to them and reminds them fully of where they were and what they were doing. Each close up transports them to another place and time and reminds them of the beauty in the world that we view, as traces or marks are left behind.

Image from Melissa's website here.


  1. Fiona, your words make me smile - here I am on holiday in NYC and I took a whole roll of film today in which no persons or recognizable monuments feature. A leaf stuck in a rain-grate, branches against the sky, shadows, puddles with ice formations, places remarkable for what just left or is otherwise missing!! Most times I don't even bring my camera when I travel! But the images I do bring back, I know exactly where they were taken and how I felt at the time. Most of them remain "undeveloped" in my mind...but even so, are part of the visual library I carry within. Many thanks for this post!! Stay well, my dear.

  2. ~ "juxtaposition" i learned a new word today! never heard this before...placing close together or side by side...thank you for opening my vocabulary!!! a beautiful post much that lies waiting to be seen...begging for someone to stop for a moment a see...being outdoors fills my spirit and i can get lost for hours seeking and finding beautiful gifts waiting for me to see them...enjoy the wonders of your day...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours always~

  3. TT/G - I love how timely and apt these words were for you and of course I love that you are the proof of my theorem! Thanks! Visual memory is potent isn't it?

    FW - I'm glad you liked juxtapositon - it often comes in handy! I think the seeing thing is all about stopping and recognising the magic and beauty in the often unnoticed parts of the world as you say - there is so much wonder in the world.

  4. Oh WOW! I have been over to Melissa's site and have been completely blown away- thanks for linking her work here- your words are wonderful.

  5. Donna - I'm gad you have discovered Melissa's work - it is achingly beautiful. It's so nice to share the beauty that others create...

  6. Aah Fiona! This is a lovely post! I love your comment about the holiday photos - absolutely true! And that work you have pictured is divine! I'm off to check out the website. Thanks for sharing!


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