Friday, December 31, 2010

A letter a week 50,51 & 52 - in the nick of time!

I have been intermittently finishing my letters for alphabet 2 and it struck me yesterday that today being the last day of the year, I should probably post on them!

There is a quiet sense of achievement to have actually been able to stick with this wee challenge and to complete a letter every week for 2010. Sometimes it was two or three in a week if I fell behind; but generally speaking I did focus on a letter a week.

So to finish we have X, Y & Z.

With X I simply did lead pencil dot marks around the white areas in rusted braille paper background.

For Y I popped a couple of silver 'xs' in the background, to kind of mark the beginning and end of the journey

I loved the swirls in the background of Z and simply outlined them in silver.

Whilst I haven't completed the final piece for the alphabet yet - that isn't really due until early next year - I have been progressing it as I go and here are some images of the book in the making.


  1. its always nice to tick another thing off the list isn't it .... hee hee hee

    happy new year fiona- hope 2011 is terrif for you

  2. Beautiful Fiona, I can't wait to see the whole book. Happy New Year! I wonder what you'll get up to in 2011... Sara x

  3. it does look good, and here i am, finding myself making binding decisions when i of course know they are not mine to make. i think because you have taken us along on the journey of making this, it feels very close. it will be fun to see your decision for binding/presentation.

  4. ~congrats to you fiona...what an amazing journey and accoplishment for the year to look back on and see your creativity as it unfolded each week...truly a beautiful book that you have made...all my best to you and barry this coming year...i look forward to sharing more days ahead...much love light and blessings always upon you and yours...cheers to the new year~

  5. This will be a very beautiful book. I feel it has a very peaceful quality though that would shine through from you.xx

  6. Hi all - have been slacking off here at my own blog - chatting along at others- oops!

    Ronnie - lovely to tick it off!
    Thanks Sara - it is a nice little piece to hold in your hands
    Velma - I love that you have a plan for it! It must feel close to you. I have pondered a few options and selected one - now to see if it holds...
    FW- and cheers to you for the new year - may it be special and blessed. Thanks for following along this year and for all your support
    Carol- Thanks once more - it is a peaceful, gentle piece even tho sits just the alphabet...


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