Sunday, April 10, 2011

Art on the Island...

We have had a busy week at Pirlangimpi but an enormously satisfying one as well.  We worked hard with our local researchers and got thru the huge amount of work that awaited us on day 1. The only real time we have had to spend on the computer we have been taking turns doing data entry so I apologise for not being a better blogging buddy and keeping up to date with all you are doing. We are used to each working on our own computers so sharing means when one of us has down time from the data entry; we can't just head off and visit folk; we read a book or... in my case pick up a pencil and pen and attempt to draw.

Barry has determined that he is going to go all out and learn about iphoneography (photography on your phone) whilst we are away and has been playing around with images from the Island. I thought I might try to draw some things. I have never been a drawer; I'm much more a doodler; but I figured I might as well try. So I started with some photos and sat down to draw them. All birds.

So, we have two birds on a weather vane at Fly Tiwi 'terminal' in Darwin; two sea eagles in a dead tree; and a kingfisher on power lines.

I have trouble with beaks and heads me thinks; but hey you have to start somewhere and I am at least doing something in the way of art.

And now for some real art - a wall outside the Art Centre at Pirlangimpi - gorgeous! I'm not sure what next week might bring - drawing from photos doesn't really turn me on; I'll have to see if I can find something else to entertain me.


  1. Well done, Fiona - I especially like the silhouettes -keep it up. Try drawing a bird from real life - a quick 10 second ficking of the pencil. Hope the next week goes well. xoxoxo

  2. Hi must be seeing a lot of wonderful sights. That artwork is gorgeous..all that color and pattern merging together is delightful! Maybe you should go ahead and "doodle"....that is every bit as much drawing as drawing from the photos! I think you must be taking in a lot and would love to see what comes straight from your hand moving across the page! We've never gotten beyond using the camera on our phone (not iphones) for more than shooting a bit of something in the store we might considering for purchase...ha! Enjoy!...P.

  3. Love that wall Fiona. You could always draw Barry at the computer. I look forward to seeing more of the local art.

  4. the colours and sights must be extraordinary! I can't wait to see more of what you find and draw..... (and barry too!)

  5. Hi N- if it ever stops raining long enough I might head out and find a bird! Will try to be quick!

    Hi Patti - camera phones are very handy for that! I started doodling and stitching in my sleep the other night so have something to explore there as well.

    Jo -yes it's bold and bright isn't it? Permanently attached to a computer is pretty much us at the moment so maybe...

    Ronnie- it's an amazing place for sure...there will be more I promise!


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