Saturday, April 30, 2011

The flip side to being so busy

I wrote a while back about how crazy life is and how stressy it all felt and how much I longed for just an hour to soak in my right brain instead of having to be so organised and analytical.

Things have settled a bit and whilst I am nowhere near doing as much creative and artistic stuff as I would like; the work-work has settled into a pattern and is manageable. Whilst I might moan a bit about how it takes me away from the studio and forces me into boxes and squares that I would rather not be in; work-work does have it benefits.

One of the joys that we take from working hard in the work-work world is that it offers us the opportunity to support other artists and to buy beautiful work for our home and garden.

I thought I'd share some of the fruits of the frantic work-phase that has been the beginning of this year...we are thrilled to have been able to buy some pieces here and there that we love.

Here are some fragments...

From Robyn Gordon (artpropelled) in South Africa - a beautiful, stunning,hand-carved niche carving

From Rhonda Ayliffe (ronnie, art&etc) in Bega - a quirky and engaging photograph (or two).

From Patti Roberts Roberts-Pizzuto (missouribendstudio) in South Dakota - a whimsical and enigmatic stitched and drawn beeswax piece (or two!).

Of course another side-benefit of the world of work-work is that we get to travel  and visit some amazing places and catch up and meet with fabulous folk. So...whilst I love sitting quietly on the mountain in my studio, I am thankful for what the world of work-work also offers me.

And then the beautiful side of being creative and having generous and creative exchange for helping out with a new blog look, Kim Schoenberger gifted me this beautiful piece for our is kind and good.


  1. ahhh fiona - I'm sending nice vibes right back at ya - I hope all your hard work-work doesn't wear you (and barry) out-out!

  2. Thanks Ronnie - I enjoyed re-visitng your photos and putting them where I would see them when we were home over Easter.

  3. I've been out of blogging for a while while catching up with some work but I happened to see this photo on Tumblr. Now how did she get that photo.... and then it dawned on me that you might have shown it on your blog. A lovely surprise! Thanks so much for the boost, Fiona! I do hope you find a lot of time to create art soon.

  4. aaahhhh!! all the work work is worth it :) Life is Good!!

  5. What a wonderful collection of 'arty' stuff you must have. I love the feeling of having pieces around you that remind you of a person, or a place.

  6. It all looks lovely, Fiona! Glad to see that there are up-sides to the work-work. I'm intrigued by the piece your friend Kim gave you... I wonder what the whole looks like? Sara x

  7. F- thanks for the reminder of yet another benefit of work-work; and of course there are there is the beauty of the wild places. B

  8. Robyn - you are welcome! Tumblr always intrigues with images form here, there and everywhere!

    Luthien - yes you're right; it can be worth it if we end up with rewards like this.

    Jo - it IS nice to have favourite works by people you know or that remind you of a time or place. They all make me smile...

    Sara - thanks; and the piece from Kim is just delightful! It's only wee and will hang on the wall..she does amazing work - check her latest in my side bar

    B - so true; I know we are lucky (altho somedays it just feels tough! lol!)


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