Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The move to Umbakumba

Just to let you all know where we are now... in Umbakumba, a small community at the northern end of Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The wet season seems to have finished - it just happens overnight and then there is no rain. Quite magical in its own way. So it is warm and dry now, not warm and wet.

Umbakumba is a place for fishing and we have observed great shoals of mullet leaping out of the water repeatedly - almost exploding out. Folk fishing have told us they have then seen the shark that was chasing them in! We have also heard tales of rogue crocodiles and one was shot a few weeks ago; but so far no more sightings.

The major challenge for us here is that whilst we have intermittent access to the internet we can't download or send emails; there is no mobile phone coverage and no television; so we feel somewhat isolated on occasions, but are doing fine. It means we can't publish comments until the weekends (when we visit places that have access) and can only surf the net a bit - when satellites are playing nicely - so we apologise for our absences.

A little puppy has been 'adopted' by our neighbour; but he's not all that healthy so Barry gave him a good wash.

Here are some other images from the island - tide's out, stunning sunset and beautiful rusty bits.


  1. Lovely rusty stuff and a dear little dog. You are certainly getting around, and visiting places I've only ever read about. Should be nice now the wet seems to be over.

  2. such a strange beached vehicle...bright rust in the sun.

  3. How beautifully remote. If not for you I'd never have heard of Umbakumba. Looks idyllic. See you also have an affinity for 'rusty bits'. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Fiona,
    What gorgeous photos, and the little puppy is adorable!

  5. Fiona,
    What a great name for a place. It just rolls off the tongue. Jumping shoals of red mullet sounds like a sight to see. Wonderful - as are your photos, especailly that rust in the final one.Wishing you a continued safe journey. Lesley

  6. Hi Carol - yep this amount of travel is outrageous but you just have to go with it, and you're right - so good now we're in the dry!

    V - yes, there are lots of rusty old vehicles and bibs and bobs along the shoreline.

    jo - Yes a rust lover from way back - and yes; a pretty remote little locale!

    JGR - he's very sweet I agree!

    Lesley - I love it too! It's just a great name isn't it!?!? We continue to enjoy the many sights and sounds that are new and novel to us.


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