Monday, May 2, 2011

Artistic inspiration at last!

I have to admit that whilst we have been travelling and working so much I think I might have left my little creative muse behind somewhere along the way.

Despite being in some wonderful places, we are working really hard - every day is a work day, without routines they all merge and there is a fair amount of stress in trying to pull all the research together and write good reports. I also think that your brain gets into hyperawareness when you are in a new and remote place - you are keenly observing to try and understand the rhythms of the place; to try and workout what makes it tick; how you can fit in; how you can achieve what you need to achieve. And when that new place is as remote as we are, you are also trying to work out how to make do - we now have no stove or oven either now. So I forgive myself - my brain has been full!

On Friday we headed down to Alyangula - also known as 'town' or 'the other end' (of the island). We went for internet and mobile phone access, the post office and a bit of a break. The only accommodation in town is the Dugong Resort and it has been a delight.

We went for a walk around sunset on Friday - along the beach and could not believe how special it was. Magic, wonder, beauty, were all words we kept repeating; blessed, and fortunate as well. The beach is not a sand beach; rather it is formed by a mind boggling number of pieces of coral, that seem to have been washed and bleached and worn over thousands of year. There are signs of lava flows and the coral being caught in it, and then mile upon mile of these pieces.

Perhaps it was more wonderful because we were weary - it had been a snakes and ladders kind of week - and because we had no expectations and were completely taken by surprise. Awe and wonder. These tiny mangroves growing in between rocks; beautiful light and sunset across the water.

Here is some of my stash - I started hearing words, names and thoughts and having ideas about how to use them as I walked slowly along and gather pieces here and there - the first time in ages the muse has chatted along with me, leaving the analytical, organising brain behind.

We feel renewed and ready to head back up that bumpy, rough road which has so many potholes that in places it's a moonscape...


  1. Fiona

    What a wonderful post! I can feel the exhale of release as I read your words. The photos are beautiful and the coral beach is amazing!

    Thank you for your kind words to me earlier. I always look forward to and appreciate your words of encouragement.


  2. Wonderful textures Fiona. You will have some very imaginative work come from this. The photos are great. Thanks for posting them.

  3. A muse inhabits that beach and she definitely spoke to you. Your wonderful photos prove that. But it was viewing your stash brought goosebumps and a whispered "oh" as I inhaled. Can muses reach through cyberspace?

  4. Excellent photos and such wonderful treasures you've found! I can't wait to see what's next!

  5. Amazing Fiona, the photos are glorious, the stones and coral with their pitted, pocka-dot surface, their shape like arms, legs, bones, almost like milagras. Wow what a treat for Monday morn, thanks so much. Think you have been listening to your stone voices.

  6. Inspiring photos. Thank you.

  7. such a time out of time that you are experiencing. and that beach. wow. amazing coral. i hope this renewal supports you through your project.

  8. Jo yes it was quite a sigh...
    Jo, I hope I can do something worthwhile - the cogs have been turning a bit!
    Thank you Jennifer - it was a special place and isn't it wonderful how we share the experience?
    Jane - thank you!
    Liz the forms are amazing aren't they and so intriguing
    Jackie thank you
    Annie I agree!
    V time out of time describes it perfectly, thank you

  9. oh, such a lovely stash, and so glad you found lots of hearts along the way. xoxoxo


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