Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paper Play

A quick note to any new folk who may have wandered over and think they have been sent here under false pretences...this is usually a blog where I think about and ponder and show my creative work - calligraphic and book arts in particular, but also my fondness for rust and sculpture and other things. We have been diverted from home life and creating for a month or two and are busy working in remote Aboriginal communities in Northern Australia; so most of the recent posts are about work or travel or other people's art.

Apologies, and we hope to resume 'normal' transmission mid-May!

In the interim, back to the travel bibs and bobs...

We were down the other end of the Island for a break on the weekend and in between much work, I sat and folded some paper shapes. With only one laptop with us we have to take turns and play nicely, so whilst Barry did a report, I sat and played (seemed like a fair trade to me!).

I managed to copy some instructions whilst we were home at Easter, but basically headed off on Friday with not much else - the instructions and some A4 white paper.  No ruler for measuring, no scissors for cutting, just a few blank pages, the instructions and me.

Oh my, how I laughed at just what happens when you attempt to do complicated origami folds without the precision needed. It was entertaining to say the least.

Here are the results - all four together.

These next two really show how things can go wrong with folding when you don't have the right proportioned-paper. I think the top one is hilarious - so awkward and wrong. The second one is kind of OK in a lop-sided weird way, but was very difficult to fold and we weren't friends by the end.

These two show promise I think. I like both their form and their action and they basically worked themselves into squares as I desired. I also think you should reward those things that are kind to you and work out despite your lack of experience or tools! They will look much better I think with different coloured paper and interesting bits within and on them.

Note to self - always carry a ruler with you if there is the slightest possibility of you having an origami moment! I am often quite good at making do or improvising but I looked all about and couldn't figure out how to make an accurate measuring thingy..


  1. Oh! What fun! The two pieces that are more asymmetric are my favorites.

  2. You probably tried this, but if you fold the paper on the diagonal so that the top of the paper is parallel to the side, you can then just tear off the bottom and you are working with a square.

  3. Despite working with a serious handicap you've manage to produce some lovely pieces Fiona. It's all good creative thinking time and not wasted.

  4. I grew up in Hawaii and with my Japanese family I did learn how to paper fold or make origami-- mostly the crane-- because cranes are prominent at weddings and parties- and even with all that practice I still struggle with paper folding.

  5. Jennifer - yes, it was fun and quite hilarious in patches!

    Wendy - yes thanks for the tip - unfortunately to make the squares I needed to start with a rectangle piece of paper and it's there that the trouble began...getting the right ratios between the two sides was the challenge!

    Jo - yes, just doing some fun creative stuff is good

    Donna - it is so true - just when you think you can interpret and make sense of a diagram or instructions - it all goes to custard! I still like making peace cranes tho

  6. The little shapes are precious and special - just as they are. I love the challenge of 'making do' and enjoying the imperfect outcomes - Maybe that's the wabisabi in me.xoxoxo


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