Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Home, home on the Range...

Well, after a 6 week long adventure we are home on our mountain top. We left Darwin about 9 hours late - it was about 30 degrees still; and arrived back home in Maleny at 4.00am and it was very chilly! Well, chilly for us anyway; about 11 degrees (celsius). The contrast was striking.

Anyhow we have played catch ups and done washing and writing and shopping and banking and posting and paid the bills and the rest of it, and are feeling almost like we are a bit caught up now.

Some of my favourite memories of Umbakumba will be of the light - the sky at dawn and dusk was magic; the water in its many moods and our walks along the beach. Here are a few to finish with...

©2011 Fiona Dempster - clouds reflected in the lagoon
Anybody familiar with the famous "floating tori" in Japan will see what we saw, with this upside down table leg! 

©2011 Fiona Dempster - Umbakumba floating tori at low tide
©2011 Fiona Dempster - Umbakumba floating tori floats
©2011 Fiona Dempster - Tide mark mountains
©2011 Fiona Dempster - Dawn across the jetty
©2011 Fiona Dempster - Sunset on the lagoon
It's been wonderful; but its equally wonderful to be home. I'm heading to the studio now to see what I can find...


  1. lovely pics fiona! glad to hear your home safe and sound (gosh but the time just flew past!)happy times int he studio

  2. There's a lovely serenity to these shots. Nothing like coming home after adventures. Hope you have some studio adventures now you're back.

  3. Such memories. Such wonderful photos. Welcome home.

  4. Wonderful photos! Glad you made it home safely.
    I know you'll enjoy being back in your studio.

  5. Welcome home Fiona. It's been a little journey for me too, reading your blogs while you were away. Thanks for that. Love the serenity of your photo images... and the Tori?...YES.

  6. Welcome home Fiona. These are beautiful images. Your photo of the Sunset on the lagoon is magnificent I could easily drift off into a world of serenity in this one........

  7. Beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing your vast and full of colour horizons and arty finds during your travels.
    Welcome back!

  8. Welcome home, Fiona, and thanks for sharing these beautiful shots. It will be fun to see how everything you absorbed on your travels makes its way into your new works!

  9. Stunning images - especially love the tori - inspiration for art work! xoxoxox

  10. What a magical place - there are so many places in Australia for me to discover, I need a travel patron! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this post.


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