Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lovely, lovely bits and pieces

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's wonderful to have friends who are artists and to make friends and connections through the blogging world with other artists.  It means that more beautiful art comes into our life.

We are on the road again this week with lots of work-work so are not getting to do too much creativity at home. Which is where the talents and skills of others come in!

Here are some lovely pieces called "Seed" that we recently bought online from Trace Willans (Soewnearth). They are three beautiful individual pieces which we will frame together somehow and hang somewhere.

Trace always uses earth-friendly materials and creates wonderful and stunning effects. And they smell divine with beeswax lingering...

Trace always generously includes extras in her parcels and here I have used two of her gift-pieces to make book covers for a pair of mini-books. I have used rusted papers for the pages and stitched them with two coloured threads. I'm thinking they are tempting enough for even me to maybe draw in them!

And here is the latest outdoor piece.  What a stunner. Called "Window to the soul" it is another piece by our friend Kim Schoenberger, and now graces our front door, acting as a guardian or sentinel. I stayed out of negotiations, but between them, she and Barry happily exchanged and traded bibs and bobs, and this is our end of the deal.  Lucky us.

Oh and a little detail of the rusty nails on the bottom piece of timber. Yum.


  1. Wow what delicious creations you have in your hands and in addition to your already delicious creations! That's a whole lot of deliciousness. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Fiona, I came over for a visit to your blog - drooling over your yummy new bits from Trace, then scrolled down and saw me :-D looking forward in catching up when you both get home.

  3. Yum indeed! I am instantly drawn to all these pieces .... the simplicity and earthiness of Trace's pieces and the combination of rusty metal and weathered wood in Kim's sculpture.

  4. The Seeds are divine in their simplicity and look lovely as your book covers! Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOVE all that. KIm's work is to die for, but Trace's also such gems!

  6. i loved those pieces of trace's. glad you all have them!

  7. Great bits indeed Ronnie!

    I agree wholeheartedly Louise - great amounts of deliciousness - yum!

    Hi Kim - happy to show off our gorgeous piece and glad you drooled over Trace's she has soooo much good stuff!

    Robyn - we are fortunate indeed, such great bits to have around us and in our hands...

    PPG - thanks for dropping by - and yes the Seeds are gorgeous and the others work so well on those book covers!

    Jo - it's great to LOVE stuff! I love these all too!

    Jann - luscious and love - they're great aren't they?

    Hey Velma - great minds! Yes these pieces 'spoke' to me straight away - we are very happy to have them at our house!

  8. You certainly surround yourself with creative souls! Beautiful! I love the mini-books you created with those gorgeous beeswax gift pieces.


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