Sunday, October 16, 2011

Summer Storms

We are having a busy work-work time again; and are travelling interstate and around the country each week; but at least we manage to find ourselves at home most weekends.  Just enough time to do the washing, pull a few weeds, catch up with friends and family and pack all over again.

This weekend we were witness to some stunning summer storms - the first one came thru at 4am on Saturday morning; the second series came thru about 5pm on Saturday.

One of the joys of living on an escarpment, up on a mountain with a big valley below us is that we get to watch the weather in all its majesty and wonder.

Here is a series of photos, stitched together using a iPhone app that show what we sat on the deck and watched yesterday afternoon...

This first one shows a couple of storms to the south (and the tip of one of our water tanks to the left)...

A little while later the storms had shifted to the East a bit and a few more had joined from the West... and the biggest mountain Beerwah had disappeared...

The storms had almost all passed to the East and the sky was clearing to the west, and the puddles of clouds were lifting from the valley

And then the sun was setting and the puddles of cloud seemed to be settling more than lifting (and I caught the edge of the roof)...

So being home for even just a little while was pretty special.


  1. Fiona, thank you for sharing these amazing storm photographs! Don't you just love a good storm. I witnessed many fantastic but often frightening storms when I lived in Australia, in all seasons! No wonder they call it Big Sky. It's a beautiful but turbulent one. Go well!

  2. Fiona, these photos are stunning. What wonderful hues of purple, pink and everything else. That cropped landscape format really gives them the wow factor. Lesley

  3. Wow that 3rd photo is absolutely beautiful .... but they are all pretty amazing!

  4. Fiona, these are amazing!! And how beautiful in the panoramic format. Thank you for sharing this 'wonder'.

  5. To ponder the beauty of nature is to stir ones creative juices I think. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. The 'stitching' app is so clever. What a view you have Fiona!

  7. Skywatching has to be one of the best things ever! Great shots.

  8. Hi Louise - I love watching a storm from a distance. Ones out over the sea are just fabulous as well. A big sky indeed.

    Lesley - the panoramic format does a good job of explaining (not showing fully of course0 the breadth of the valley.

    Thanks Robyn - the colour was amazing - it shifted so much as the sun set.

    Hi Jane - so right - we did indeed wonder at the h that was put on for us, hard to capture the sense of it, but that little 'app' did well!

    Velma - sometimes that's all you need to say isn't it?

    Leslie - it certainly sets up a desire to explore and make and do.

    Jo - yes, a good backyard I reckon! And a fabulous little app!

    Annie - so true; there is nearly always something happening, and even if its just big and blue it is beautiful. Today it is mist and showers...

    Ronnie - a very good little app this one, and a lovely restful, renewing view.


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.