Friday, October 7, 2011

The Show is on!

Well we have returned safe and sound from our Melbourne jaunt and had the best time. We were really happy with the way the gallery space worked and after setting up and fiddling a bit here and there, we thought to ourselves; "That looks like us" and I don't think you can really want more from an exhibition than that can you?

You want it to feel like the work has come from you; that you feel an affinity with the way it is displayed and the sense it gives people when they look at it.  You want people to recognise it as yours and for it to have that quintessentail essence of you in it somehow.

Hand Held is a small gallery space but one that displays and shows the work really well.

©2011 Barry Smith - Light and Lines at Handheld Gallery
We had a lovely gathering at the opening - only small - but they were mostly good friends and people we were thrilled to see. The most wonderful surprise came for me when my bestie Sue showed up! She lives in Canberra an hour and a bit away by plane (about 700km) and had flown down for the night to surprise us. Fabulous doesn't do it justice!

Here are some shots of the space and the gathering...

©2011 Barry Smith - Fiona, Gary, Helen & Sue
©2011 Barry Smith - Brendan, Denis, Fiona, Kathy, Sue, Boris, Richard, Megan
©2011 Barry Smith - Sue, Kathy & Fiona
Dear friends from Melbourne came along to support us as did some Maleny friends who were in Melbourne for a wedding.

And a number of these wonderful folk also bought our work - which was very very special. Thank you all - we really appreciate your support of us and our work.

©2011 Fiona Dempster - Linear I
©2011 Fiona Dempster  "The journey begins and ends with home..."

©2011 Fiona Dempster - Cartography I
All images taken with iPhones so apologies for the lack of clarity here and there; but I was thrilled to have mine back as I left it locked in the gallery for about 24 hours. Note to self; I CAN live without my phone...

Now back to checking out everybody else's adventures and replying to a few folk!


  1. Lovely to see all those red dots - a sign of success the world over! Congratulations on a successful opening.

  2. Fiona that looks really lovely. A simple and lightfilled space to show your elegant work. Glad you had some sales... it all helps to defray costs. To have friends come to the opening, so far away, is a bonus.

  3. I walked past the handheld space when I was in melbourne.. its soooo cute.... your stuff looks right at home

    good luck with it all

  4. Look at all those lovely red dots! Well done Fiona and Barry... shame I wasn't still in Melbourne to see your show (maybe another place, another time).

  5. Thanks so much Lesley - like you I just love seeing red dots no matter where. It make me happy no that artists are selling and that people are still wanting to have art enrich their lives.

    Jo - Thanks again! It is a nice space for our work and you are right - having friends there was very special. You can never do the maths on selling and costs can you? Covering costs would be a fine thing!

    Thanks Ronnie - its a pretty cool little place and our works sit nicely within.

    Thanks Sara - gotta love a red dot! I can't believe how bad our timing was - imagine if we had been there when Imprint was on! Never mind, another time another place as you say...go well.

  6. The show looks lovely Fiona, and I love the space, Love books in a smaller space, the scale feels better or there is some sense of security, kind of what books give us. Not sure if any of that made sense, but really wanted to say congradulations.

  7. Congratulations on the show and especially on those red dots!

  8. Happy for - and proud of - you both! It does look like the space served the work well. I agree this is an essential and sometimes undervalued element to showing art. And being able to see friends and make sales - well, what more can you ask?

  9. Liz thank you so much. I totally get what you expressed re the intimacy of spaces and of books as objects; and of some sort of nestling, security thing that they bring. Thanks for the good wishes too, sorry I am tardy replying...

    Jennifer - thank you! I am a fan of red dots, mine or anybody else's as it means people still want art in their lives and that artists are selling. Great news for us all!

    So true G/TT - the space can support or overwhelm work, especially the delicate and intimate works. And to have friends and sales, all is well with the world. Go well.


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