Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Letter a Week 2012 - February

I have found a bit of time to keep on making my little letters.  I love the pin prick outlines and love the gentleness of them. They feel like snowflakes falling or something when I hold them in my hand.

So here are February's four - E, F, G and H. I like the contrast against the black; but won't be using black in the finished piece.

Here is where I have gotten to so far - the first eight letters sitting on a table in the shed.

A couple of close-ups of them nestled together - I like them close up to each other for some reason.

And an update on the backing sheet that is turning out to be so interesting!

Some stunning work is being created over at A Letter a Week - I continue to be inspired and amazed by people's ingenuity and creativity. In my spare time I have been preparing an exhibition application for the works - fingers crossed.


  1. These are so beautifully crafted Fiona. What a steady hand you must have!

  2. The alphabet is stunning! How's the sewing machine holding up? No more smoking, I hope.

  3. Your letters are exquisite - and they look better and better as the group continues to grow...
    - Lisa

  4. Love these pin-pricked letterforms!!! What a fabulous way to create them....and of course, that backing sheet is a stunning drawing on its progress, of course! Cheers!

  5. Just wonderful Fiona! I love these!

  6. Very beautiful Fiona - and what an interesting conversation they have with your incense-obliterated letters. Inspiring work.

  7. these are wonderful
    i love holes in paper, like this
    did you create this wonderful font?

  8. Thanks Lesley - I surprise myself with my patience when it comes to stuff like this!

    Hi Jennifer - the good news is the sewing machine is sitting quietly waiting for my next adventure - these are all done by hand.

    Thanks Lisa - I love the grouping; something happens when they multiply...

    Hi Patti- yes the by-product is as interesting as the letters it produces; but I think I need to start another one soon.

    Glad you like them Louise! I love their gentle elegance...

    Thanks Amanda - yes my studio is filled with the funniest little conversations between my works; but I think I find common ground somehow...

    Thank you Tammie-Lee, I love all the things you can do with paper and piercing holes is a special one I think. This alphabet is similar to the ones that Charles Rennie MacKintosh did, so I can't own up to originality at all!

  9. ~good morning my friend...i have been wandering through your pages this morning...filled with many wonderful thoughts...

    emptyness...when we head to the river in the middle of summer...all is dimishing yet remaining so beyond need not be filled with raging waters and wildflowers in its stillness my heart is filled...

    your type found...wonderful bits and pieces to carry home...i wonder wonder what you will create...if nothing...i am sure just keeping them close will spark your thoughts...we just watched a show last week on old type writers...fascinating little machines...there is a man trying to bring them back into our world...

    and then your letters...much patience to be had...perfection in each little hole you have pierced...beautiful...wishing you well and much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

  10. we share some of the same loves
    pin pricks on sturdy white paper
    and type - will share mine sometime - you have inspired me a great deal today as it snows - thank you Fiona...

    xox - eb.


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