Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.

Claude Monet

What a fabulous place to find yourself in.  Sometimes creativity feels like a long and lonely road, emptiness, tumbleweeds. Nothing to inspire. Nothing to be explored. Nothing working.

At other times it feels just like this - like you can't get it all down or all out of your head. How to express that sense, that image, that idea, that thought? A quick jotting of notes hoping that captures it; a list of things to do and make; and hours spent in the zone making and creating.

It is truly wonderful to experience those times when our minds are completely open to the possibilities and we are filled with excitement about all the things we want to do or the actual thing it is that we want to express. Those hyper-times when everything seems possible. When time flies and we come up for air after a few hours and don't really feel the need to eat or drink - we just want to keep going.

As Monet says, its probably a little bit of madness, but it is a wonderful thing.

Detail of Monet's waterlilies in the L'Orangerie gallery, Paris.


  1. looks like you have a lot of inspiration to carry back with you. (Lucky there is no baggage limit for memories!) Sounds like you've had an amazing time and made the most of a wonderful opportunity.

  2. So true! Sometimes I feel I have to have a period of 'processing' when I'm all full up of inspiration: a time to let it all sink in and see what actually settles.

  3. It always helps to be a little mad.

  4. Robyn - I love that - no baggage limit on memories! Lucky for us I think. There was lots of beauty and wonder; hopefully some of it will find its way into expression.

    Alice - the process is just as interesting as the results sometimes I think. That totally absorbed and building phase; then the quiet settling and sifting...

    Jo - I agree wholeheartedly!

  5. I love those moments when your head is so full of ideas that you can't sleep for thinking 'what if I do that' or 'maybe I should do that'.... trouble is I sometimes think things through so clearly this way that I often think I've already made them before I have! Definitely mad.

  6. Hi Lesley - those moments ARE great! Like you I find that I sometimes imagine things so well I either think it's done; or I can never make it quite as good as it is in my head. Madness indeed.


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