Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you any where.

Zen proverb

Simple, sweet, true.

Worry has to be one of the most fruitless exercises we put ourselves through on a regular basis. Sometimes I just get so far ahead of myself that I forget that what I need to do is to stop and sit and work out what bit of all those things I can do now, to make the great big pile of stuff smaller, and make sure I have less to worry about.

The good news is I am getting better at not worrying - I have somehow come to understand that the worry doesn't actually achieve anything. The worry doesn't get the thing done. The worry doesn't make the problem go away. The worry doesn't make me feel any better about things. But I still drift there occasionally I must admit (just ask Barry!).

I figure now that I need to either do something that will have an impact on the issue; or I have to accept that I can't control it or do something about it and let it go. At the least I have to let go of the worrying thing that eats up my insides.

I loved this proverb for its simplicity.  A rocking chair gives you something to do (rock, which feels nice and as if you are doing something) but it doesn't get you anywhere (the action of worrying doesn't achieve anything, even it kind of makes you feel as if you are doing something).

Perhaps worry is a sign that you should pay attention to something.

Here is Tom's rocker - over-run with pumpkin vines and comfrey, keeping my Sentinels company over near the shed. 


  1. F-so true on all levels; and love how the vines realise the rocker is their resting spot - going nowhere. B

  2. I love the part of this prayer, god grant me to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to know the difference.

    I first heard it from Sinead O'Connor, not from the Church. ;)

    Such truth in it.

  3. i had not finished my last post and somehow it published without me checking it. :( but i am sure you knew what i mean fiona. x

  4. Love this post! It's so true, both re: worrying and the rocker.

    Still, a good rocking chair is priceless as it can be not just a good worrying spot, but thinking spot and a magic carpet of sorts as one sits in it and dreams.

    Wonder what those vines are dreaming of?

  5. You've never struck me as a worrier Fiona. I can't be done with worry. I just ask myself 'can I effect a change with this?' and if I cannot, then there is no point worrying about it. Sometimes it's down to the genes you inherit and you can't do much about it so just go with the flow!

  6. The only good thing about worrying is that it can be a great motivator - to stop wasting time and energy worrying and as you say, either do something or simply accept you can't! I wouldn't want a completely worry-free existence - if I'm not worried about anything at all, I am probably just not paying attention! But like you, I've gotten a lot better about keeping it to less overwhelming levels. The rocking chair proverb and the photo are perfect!

  7. If only it was so simple to stop worrying.

  8. To be really bad Ronnie - yep the rocker rocks me thinks!

    Thanks B- yes they seem to be so happy there.

    Louise - B and I were just reminding ourselves of this prayer today (in a non churchy-way) - serenity and knowing what you can change and the wisdom to know the difference etc; so simple and so true. The word serenity is so apt for what happens when you work it out.

    I agree Jennifer - sometimes rocking can create magic; the rhythm, the meditation, the drifting away...those vines are definitely up to something (and it doesn't seem to be as much pumpkin-making this year!)

    Ah Lesley- when I get overwhelmed by work-work, deadlines and deliverables I can go a bit a'worrying. But generally speaking I think I have the balance right and I agree - worry without action seems a waste of energy.

    Hi G/TT - I think that's all so true - you can't have a life without worry - but you can't let worry overwhelm you - either do something or let it go. Otherwise it owns you and paralyses you. I think worry is a call to action!

    Jo - its not possible not to worry - for me I think its about keeping it in scope, on a scale that doesn't make me not function; and freeze. I like working out what I can do to alleviate it; or working on letting it go. Can't bear having it own me.

  9. worry plagues me less now. why, i wonder?

  10. Hi V - I wonder too; but I like that it does!


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