Sunday, April 8, 2012

BAO continuing

I am making good headway on my first edition of books on 'a subversive stitch' for BookArtObject.  I am discovering with editions, that apart from planning a process that is repeatable and not totally time-consuming, its all about having enough materials to make around 18 books. As I also tend to have a fairly iterative approach to most of my art - I discover new ideas along the way; try something new; or add a certain something - I have found that I need to re-order some supplies (well, I had a great idea half-way thru)!  I have managed to get ten books completed and am waiting on supplies for the rest. Hopefully they will arrive this week.

In the interim I have been pondering my second book 'snow falling in daylight'.  I have some lovely words to work with, and am playing around with snowflake imagery.

I had started with the thought that I would emboss the snowflakes, and so off I went and had a play and found it worked quite well.

But then I saw the the snowflake piece I had cut out and thought to myself - I wonder if it would work if I de-bossed it (I am never totally sure that is an accurate descriptor, but I know what I mean). So I did.

And that left me with the dilemma - so I emboss, de-boss or both?  Any thoughts?


  1. both flakes look delightful..... oooooo to choose to choose....

  2. They say 'less is more' but in this case both work and they look good together. Why choose one when you can have both?

  3. Yes, both are delightful!!! I'm curious how a rubbing of the embossed snowflake would look on some delicate handmade paper....hmmm!! You are having great fun and it shows! Cheers!

  4. If it is embossed on one side, is it not debossed on the other. Maybe you need it as a page where both sides can be seen.

  5. Hmm, might the decision be driven by the words you've chosen Fiona? Is the snow falling lightly on the ground or sinking into it....? If that can't answer the question then I vote for de-boss!

  6. Yes, I'm wondering about the same questions Wendy and "Printed Material". They do say different things to me, and the two together create a real sense of process, time, impermanence. Lovely!

  7. I'm with Wendy on this one !

  8. mmm - quite yummy aren't they Ronnie?

    Thanks Jac - I must say I am sorely tempted!

    hi Pattie - I'm sure they would do something lovely with delicate handmade paper; a translucent of sorts would make them even more ethereal perhaps?

    Thank you Wendy - I smiled as soon as I read your comment! You are right of course; but when I turn them over; the crispness of the opposite side just isn't there, so I'm trying to work out how to have the best of all worlds.

    What great way of thinking about it Lesley! I'll play with that for a bit I think and see if I get the sense of it from them.

    Thanks Amanda - together they work well, and individually they do tell a slightly different story don't they?

    Too true Rosie! I smiled at myself and thought well, yes of course that's true! But as I mentioned, I don't think the backs don't have the same crisp indent or push through - its a soft edged look and I think I prefer the more defined look; so I'm still tossing it up! although both might just be the answer...

  9. I think both are working beautifully Fiona - no need to choose between them.......... Like the transparent idea. Move over Smilla, this is Fona's feeling for snow!

  10. Love it Susan - it's my very own feeling for snow! I am leaning towards using them both...I don't think it will hurt!


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