Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A rainbow from the block

Here I am again, blogging a rainbow on a Wednesday!  We have been picking a fair bit of produce this week and it struck me as we did so that we had almost a rainbow of colour around the block in fruits and flowers.  I struggled with indigo - we have nothing that deep dark blue at the moment, but the rest are all here right now!

Red - cherry guavas that we made into jelly yesterday. Yum.

Orange - it was a toss up between the inside of beautiful pumpkin, or this stunning nasturtium flower - and this won.

Yellow - the first lemon ripening on the tree, almost moody.

Green - part of the lime pile we have picked. I kept thinking "G&T anybody?" We are experimenting with options from freezing, to jelly (we got the bug!) to preserved limes...

Blue - I thought the sky, but Barry thought this lingering hydrangea (which was swaying in the breeze hence a bit blurry).

Indigo - we missed

Purple - well the Tibouchina trees are a riot of colour all over town and here is ours.


  1. A wonderful rainbow - nature's colours are breathtaking.

  2. totally delicious Fiona - the colours and the fruit. Will have to plant some cherry guavas. We had some at Clovelly but I have not yet planted here ..... we had large guavas too as my parents adored them stewed. Do you grow the normal guava? Anyway, a lovely bold blog.

  3. Exquisite! Rainbows are always welcome, in any form.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Carol Lee - I agree totally that nature's colours can be so rich.

    It's fun isn't it Susan - we only have the cherry guavas; but their colour and jelly is divine!

    So true Jennifer - you've gotta love a rainbow...

  5. Well done!! I have garden envy!! xoxox

  6. What a delight! I'll bet there was some indigo in the shadows somewhere.

  7. you've made me wonder if i could find a rainbow outside here...probably, if i had some daylight, i could!

  8. I was watching a tv programme about Sicily the other day and envying their ability to grow wonderful lemons.I never knew you could grow them in Australia too... but then it's a hot country so how silly of me not to realise this. I am in awe of your beautiful rainbow of colours Fiona. All of these on your doorstep. Nature's bounty. Now I'm envying the Australian gardening weather too!

  9. Hi N - it was funny how as I saw the bundle of red guavas and the cut pumpkin I started to realise how much colour was in the garden; and off I went with my phone!

    Jo - you're probably right, we thought maybe the shed in shadow could be indigo; but it didn't feel right. I'll keep looking ho.

    Hi Annie -it's moments like these I realise I live in Australia where our colours are bright and strong, not so soft and muted (altho the mist is).

    Go forth in search in rainbows I say Velma! I loved that I almost found one - I'll be keeping an eye out now.

    Thanks Lesley - yes, we can grow pretty much anything here - its a vast country with lots of climates. Ours is sub-tropical; so we grow bananas, coffee, lemons, limes, nectarines, oranges, grapefruit, mulberries, apples, raspberries and the usual veggies, just here on the block. Life is good.

  10. What an amazing rainbow! I've been enjoying searching for Roy with Jennifer

  11. Hi Julie - yes you really started something there! I have enjoyed your colour searching - those orange ones were amazing. I blog on rainbows quite a lot - hair elastics, books in stacks, fruit,flowers and veggies, refracted light - just love 'em


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