Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The unbearable whiteness...

I have been playing around a bit with my paint swatches for my little project about being in the mist and clouds.

I lined up all the ones I had used so far this summer-autumn and took a photo of them on the kitchen bench.

But then I noticed something weird...

We have a set of five small lights in a row in the kitchen above the bench (you can kind of see the reflection on the bench of some of them in the photo above); and look how they played onto the paint swatches. Such fabulous shadow effects. I could have played with different finger poses for hours; but just enjoyed these few.

The list of colours to match the white-outs that I have woken to so far this year is growing and now includes:
  • 7 January - Mink Scorpio Half
  • 16 January - Silent Delight
  • 17 January - January Dawn
  • 14 February - Snow Bank
  • 19 February - Magical Moonlight
  • 22 February - Abstract Quarter
  • 5 March - Salinger Quarter
  • 6 March - Snow Ballet
  • 15 March - Torte Quarter
  • 18 March - Chalkstone Half
  • 19 March - Silent Delight
  • 20 March - Sentimental
  • 22 March - January Dawn
  • 23 March - Powderfresh
We have been away a bit and missed any number of rainy, misty days so this is not the collection for the year here; just for my year here so to speak.  I am also only choosing days where we are actually in a white-out when I wake and where I can hardly see the back fence. If it's just misty or cloudy it doesn't count.

I went to the hardware last weekend and got more cards just in case.  I have been intrigued by the variations in colour - some creamy, some grey, some really dark. I guess that reflects the time of day I get up; the thickness of the cloud or density of the rain. It has also made me think a lot about white, cream and grey; and how you think it's all the same but there is such enormous variation.

It's an interesting way of doing weather observations I think.

On the other hand I am very pleased to report that we have had the most magical autumn days for the past few days - sunshine, blue skies and warm.  Things are all a bit confused tho - I notice our first flowers on our nectarine (fruit tree) on the weekend, and they should appear in Spring! The poor things still have to lose their leaves and survive winter before they really bud...


  1. I love those white swatches and finger poses!

  2. Gorgeous shadows Fiona. Wouldn't they make great tonal studies - my own personal nemesis when it comes to drawing and painting! These shapes are so intriguing perhaps it might help me focus.Great project. Love the idea. Sounds like you'll be picking up a few blue swatches soon!

  3. I agree with Ronnie! The finger pose shots are fun and intriguing. I can see a gallery lined with them...no description given and curious visitors trying to decide if the matter photographed really is what they think...but surely not...then again...could it be?

    And the names of the paint swatches! Delightful.

    As you're moving into fall, we're moving into spring. Had a week of early summer weather a couple weeks ago that has everything growing and blooming. Then winter returned. Blah! Seems spring is making a comeback though. Hopefully, it will stay for a bit.


  4. I love the names of the colours as much as these serendipitous photographs :-)

  5. Thanks Ronnie - it was kind of like shadow-puppets!

    Hi Lesley - I like the idea of needing blue swatches! There are great tones there, from a totally random after dinner shot!

    Thanks Jennifer - hours of entertainment awaits me I think. I hope Spring returns for you; it's a cruel trick when it comes and goes away again.

    I agree Susan - I am totally enamoured with paint names!


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.