Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

“That’s who you really like. The people you can think out loud in front of.” 

John Green (An abundance of Katherines)

I'm not sure when or how I came across this one - but it made me stop and nod to myself - 'yep, they're the best'!

I know I'm around folk who love me, know me, and still love me, when I can say out loud the weird or wicked things I am thinking.

Those people that I can take the handbrake off with and let the fun thoughts, hilarious thoughts, cheeky, wild, wacky and wonderful thoughts loose with.

Sometimes these are people I have known for a very long time; sometimes they are lovers; sometimes they are friends I have only just met but with whom I feel safe enough to say things.

It's most often these people too, who I feel safe letting my best or most special dreams out of their little boxes with, knowing that they will be heard, supported, critiqued kindly or enthusiastically cheered on.

It's good to have these folk in our lives.

On the third Thursday of each month Jennifer and Julie go in search of Roy G Biv (aka the rainbow). I try to join in by posting an image that matches the colour for the month - so no prizes for working out that this month it's orange!  This is a poppy from our garden last spring - the sense of vibrancy and delight matches my feelings for those I can think out loud in front of. Thank you.


  1. Thanks for playing with us, Fiona. What a beautiful poppy! So many shades of orange.--Julie (aka Thread Born)

  2. Great quote and oh so true! There is nothing worse than blurting something out and getting the old blank stare - or worse a look of confusion or concern - from someone not in harmony with your particular brand of wit or whimsy! But - ah - when these utterances fall on absolutely sympathetic ears, it's a blessing indeed and worth celebrating as you've done here. Thanks for that.

  3. Aha... you've joined the world of challenges. Beware... it's addictive. I like this one... maybe I should give it a go. No! I'm already doing TWO photo ones, but the scavenger hunt is the one that really intrigues me. Have a look...

  4. Thanks Julie - it's a nice little challenge to try and match my thursday thought!

    So true indeed G/TT! We know that simpatico moment when you realise someone gets your humour!

    Hi Jo - only this one I think; I'd get way too distracted otherwise! Happy hunting.

  5. Such a good quote and one that is really true. Your words have added to the truth of it for me. Isn't your poppy the most wondrous shade of orange. Feels like springtime is just around the corner.

  6. If only Spring was just around the corner Carol - feeling too wintery for my liking here today! The words are so simple and so true - thanks!


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