Sunday, June 3, 2012

ALAW - playing catch up

Well the good news is that Barry came home on Friday afternoon and has been going slowly and quietly forward since then. Little steps and lots of sleeping, but gradually getting better each day, which is wonderful. Thanks for all the healing thoughts and energy that came our way from across the oceans and down the road - it helps to know folk are thinking of you in those difficult moments and times.

In the past few weeks I've not been at all creative, but have still managed to do a few of my letters for A Letter a Week.  We are nearing completion of the first alphabet of the year and I am all caught up.

I have five more letters to do which I should be able to squeeze into the next few weeks. Phew!

I am still loving the simplicity and elegance of this little alphabet. Each square is 7cm x 7cm and the letters are all pierced, as part of the 'going dotty or polka dot' theme for one of the alphabets.

I am still imagining the final piece - I have the main idea, now all I have to do is execute it! Laugh - how often is it that the idea never quite translates as brilliantly to the real thing as when it appears in your head?  Stay tuned.


  1. Good news about Barry, Fiona, I think you will hear the sighs of relief from across the oceans and down the roads. Your letters are so beautiful, starkly white, yet soft. I look forward to seeing what you ultimately do with them.

  2. I'm sure it will look every bit as good (if not better) than the picture you have in your mind.
    Phew.... Talk about sighs of relief echoing around the world! Glad Barry is taking it slowly. I hope you are having a very peaceful weekend, Fiona xox

  3. Yes, such a relief that Barry is home and making progress. Your letters are so great, I look forward to seeing your presentation.

  4. I too love the simplicity of your letters.
    Best news about Barry. A cheery hello to you both.

  5. ooohhhhhh - how lovely to see you back! Once again, these letters are delicious. White on White. Just you.

  6. thank you Carol - for the relief for Barry and for my letters - I do love the simplicity of them

    hi Robyn - a great echo it is! He has had a good weekend and is getting a little bit better each day. Thanks for the encouragement about my vision - I hope I can pull it off!

    Thanks Jane - for your care and support and for your kind words bout my letters.

    Yes Leslie - the simplicity is their essence I think. Thanks of your sigh of relief too. Go well.

    Thanks Susan! Yes, they definitely felt like me as the emerged. Funny how when you absolutely hit on the idea - you wonder why it took so long given its the perfect solution for me! 'Tis good to be getting back.

  7. Hi Fiona. I'm imagining running my fingers over these letters as if they are Braille. Good news about B. Hope he goes from strength to strength.

  8. I love the simplicity of these letters Fiona. I want to get tactile and reach out and trace the outlines .... great news about Barry too. Sleep is always the best restorer so that sounds like the healing process is happening. It must be good for him to be home and for you to have him in your care now. Hoping he now goes from strength to strength.

  9. so good to hear Barry is getting better….another yes! for those beautiful, simple letters..

  10. I am very pleased to hear that Barry is home and resting and improving his health.. quiet times with Barry and with your white letters.

  11. Annie they are very tactile. Just a fine little drift across them and you can feel the letters...

    Yes Lesley they are about touching, despite their apparent fragility. I agree about sleep - it cures many an ill. He is a little stronger each day, still lots of tests to check out what damage has been done...

    Thanks Suzie - yes good to have them home and on the mend yes?!?

    Thanks Donna - yes quiet times indeed. I just need to find some space in my brain to have a guiet creative thoughts now.


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