Friday, June 15, 2012

Tread Lightly opening

We had a fine time last night down at the Arts and Ecology Centre for the opening of Tread Lightly. A beautiful setting, some delicious and exquisite creations and a fine group of friends, family and artists in attendance.

The exhibition space where my work was featured included work by a number of other artists, all celebrating paper and the re-purposing of paper and books.

My little nook
Showing my mum a few details... 
Good friends Edith-Ann, Carol and Liz
Arty friends - Kari, Kim and Mieke
Mr Coma himself Ken Munsie with Pam from Arts Connect
And a few of the pieces by other artists...

Part of Small Print by Corrie Wright
Part of 18 Cornerstones by Rosie Miller
The O'Brien sisters perform 
Fabulous dress and slippers (artists not captured, apologies)
The exhibition is open 10am - 4pm daily until 8 July 2012 at the Arts and Ecology Centre at the Maroochy Regional Bushland Gardens, Tanawha.

Thanks Noela for some of these shots...


  1. What a great space to show your work! Hope you all had a great evening.

  2. Your little nook looks enticing Fiona. Will try and get down there during they day sometime soon x

  3. Hi Fiona - can you give more details of the exhibition - as in where it is? Thanks.

  4. This looks like a lovely exhibit - congratulations on another great showing of your work!

  5. Paint-Paper-Pencils/ 16, 2012 at 1:21 AM

    Fabulous show! Your work looks great in that space.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  7. Looks like a great evening.Thanks for taking us along, Fiona.

  8. It looks great Fiona. I look forward to meandering around the show while the weather is gorgeous.

  9. What a lovely exhibition! And such marvellous exhibits. Love that 18 Cornerstones by Rosie Miller and your little nook really makes me want to be there.

  10. Your work looks wonderful Fiona and I am so glad the rust strapped books are front and center. One of my favourites. Congrats.

  11. Thanks Annie - it is a great space; my sorts of pieces don't always work in gallery spaces, but this one really supported them.

    I think it's worth a look Susan - lots of lovely paper-booky bits.

    Hi Kate - it's at Maroochy Bushland Botanical Gardens, up our way...

    Thanks G/TT - I can hardly believe it is happening after all the rest of our life happening as it has recently; but it is nice to be out there again.

    Thanks PPPCA - it's lovely space for this work.

    Thanks Jane - it was a nice night and the opera singers were divine.

    You're welcome Robyn, anytime!

    I think you'll enjoy it Jo - there is also art out in the gardens themselves. All in all al lovely setting for stuff.

    Thank you Carol - I think Rosie's work is amazing, and it would be nice to have had you along! Go well.

    Thanks Liz - the nook works well for me. I know the feeling about the rust strapped books, I actually kept saying all night how much I loved that piece the most!


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