Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

The time to read is any time: no apparatus, no appointment of time and place, is necessary. It is the only art which can be practised at any hour of the day or night, whenever the time and inclination comes, that is your time for reading; in joy or sorrow, health or illness. 

Holbrook Jackson

I having been thinking and writing about books in my Thursday Thoughts for quite a while now, and I still enjoy coming across quotes that characterise the pleasure and nature of books so well.

This one rings true in so many ways.  I think in order to read you probably needs words and light in which to read them, and not much more

This would have always meant a book to me - the physical book and a bedside lamp or a window or an overhead light or the sunshine. Nowadays it can mean my iPad which provides its own light. This approach comes into its own at night and in bed. I can continue to read long after lights out without fear of disturbing Barry's sleep. Pretty cool.

In general terms tho - you don't need a lot of equipment to set up to read. A good book will usually do it and you can pretty much do it anywhere, anytime. It's like reading can be an extension of yourself - it can happen wherever you are as long as you have something to read with you.

For me, the time for reading is most definitely in joy or sorrow, health or illness. Each of these times brings back special memories of reading - books as my companion, solace, or reward...


  1. nothing like curling up with a good book.... and a box of matches.... and a scalpel... and a packet of jello (oooo I haven't tried book - jello combo yet...)

    1. ha! Yes books offer us so many delights don't they?? Generally speaking I'll just curl up and read one...but other interactions can be equally enjoyable for sure!

  2. Ah for the love of books...
    Books are my life long passion, the space between the covers provides a quiet place of retreat, a private world to explore, a gallery I can hold in my hands and carry with me, full of wonder, fresh perspectives & inspiration.
    Had to write an artist's statement a few years ago and it's holding up well!
    & this is the most beautiful set of photos of people reading by Steve McCurry
    "I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library."
    - Jorge Luis Borges

  3. Hi Mo Crow - so true, they are so special and precious aren't they? I loved those photos and the quotes with them. Sigh.

  4. pretty little toenails fiona. ;)

    1. Hi L - laugh! I did keep them there because I thought they looked quirky...


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