Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday Thoughts...

My pieces can be looked at in many different ways. I try to provide a starting point from which people can let their imagination wander – what they will discover will be a product of their own experience as much as mine. My aim is to be allusive and elusive. 

Rosalie Gascoigne

Here I am, back with Rosalie again. But then she is not just an artistic hero, she also has a beautiful way with words. Words mattered to her, as did choosing the right titles for her work. I love that she cared about words as well.

This seems to me to be one of the most honest assessments of what we try to do and how it may be received.  It is wonderful to be able to provide a starting point for somebody - and let them find their way through the work and the meaning in it.  They may well find meanings and paths and answers we didn't even know where there.

I do think that whatever they find in the piece is still a bit of a partnership - what we set out to do and hoped to achieve, combined with their experience interests, understandings and emotions.  A bit like a writer and a reader.

The last sentence just grabs me.  What an aim and how perfect it is - to do work that alludes to things rather than flat out describes them; and to maintain some mystery to keep people wondering... divine.

When I sit down and read Rosalie quotes I almost feel as if she is sitting here with me, giving me sage and wise advice; about how to go about, and think about, this thing called art...

These are the first two pieces of Aboriginal art we ever bought. Called My Country  by Kudditji Kngwarreywe they depict his country which is way out in central Australia about 230km north west of Alice Springs.

I look at them everyday and am astounded at how much his country, looks like my country. The one on the left could be the view from the bedroom where these hang - the mist coming across the mountains, the light, the valley below.  And yet we are separated by thousands of kilometres. So yes, I think we do indeed discover things in art from our experience....


  1. Rosalie is an icon...and one of my favourites. Love your Kudditji and, yes, it could be your view. I have one that evokes the red centre...and sends me into a reverie whenever I look at it.

    1. I love how these paintings can evoke such a response and such a sense of place Jo - we are fortunate indeed. Go well.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Valerianna - Rosalie's words always make me think!

  3. I keep coming back to this is my tendency with your Thursday Thoughts. Rosalie stated so well, didn't she? And so did you. Thank you for beginning the thought process again.

    1. So nice to think of these words popping into and out of your day as you go along J - I do love the chance to stop and reflect each week and wonder what it's all about. I think she says it so well here...go well.


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