Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts...

“Art is a line around your thoughts.”

 Gustav Klimt

Hmm. I liked the notion of this without really thinking about it.  The more I think about it, the harder I find it to work out why I responded to it!

I guess for 2-D artists who use lines and strokes to express things, it is a great description. I like the idea that artists express their thoughts using lines, that the lines and marks on their work are expressions of their thoughts.

Lines that can tell a story.

But then I keep coming back to the line AROUND your thoughts - which makes me feel as if somehow the line joins up and encloses things which is slightly different to simply expressing your thoughts.

In the end, I think its the imagery it evoked for me that made me like it - I immediately saw scratchy pencil lines and marks in my mind...and was lucky to find a photo that sort of describes it.

Leon Ferrari
Untitled (Sermon of the Blood)


  1. Ooh - I like these words of Klimt's. They definitely create a picture in my mind - which the piece by Leon Ferrari happens to do a beautiful job evoking...
    I see what you mean about the different ways of interpreting the quote though - and I must admit that in my first reading I inadvertently substituted the word "net" for "line...something more encompassing, in any case. I think your arrival at the word "around" may stem from the same kind of way of seeing it.
    So very interesting to consider the words of others - a bit of art in there, too, if you ask me : )
    Have a happy & creative weekend, Fiona!

    1. They are such lovely words aren't they Lisa? I was totally enamoured as soon s I read it - the instinctive and intuitive response; then the analytical side tried to explain it and came up wanting! The imagery is strong isn't it? So lovely to be able to use words to evoke an image so readily - such an admirable trait. Go well.

  2. Me too - definitely love this quote by Klimt. I have sat quietly for a while thinking about this quote and for me it means that the resulting art we make, is a result of making a line around one of the many many thoughts we can have about something we are working on, and then tying it down in order to move forward and make the work. Of course - in another hour, it may mean something completely different. I love quotes like that ..... infinite, not finite.

    1. I love the words too Susan and it certainly set me pondering. I like where you got to - I think that captures it beautifully - as if it is simply a line around a certain thought that was captured, corralled amongst so many and then expressed...lovely!


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