Sunday, February 1, 2015

Warm days and paper burning

The days are warm, one could say hot, at the moment but then again it's summer in Australia and one should probably expect it.

As mentioned previously I am pursuing a number of things in the studio and the past few days have seen me burning.  The poor shed does fill with incense and the smell of paper burning- my fingers smell like burning and my fingernails get brown.  My finger tips get little burns and scars when I pat the paper to put out the flames and burning edges.  I figured rubber gloves wouldn't help!

Still, I think I have nearly burnt all I need for now - there is another project that needs burning but I'll get back to that one soon.

Burning very fine paper - it needs to be damp or else it just disappears.

Fragments and edges...

Different edges...

Different fragments...

And the gift that appears as you photograph...

Next steps - mathematical calculations around placement of holes for riveting ad stitching, then construction!


  1. a small damp sponge saves the finger tips Fiona!

    1. So true Mo - should have throughout of that and will have one by me next time - thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jo - always hoping it holds when it all comes together - different fragments and ideas coalescing and merging...fingers crossed.


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