Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pas de Deux article

A happy visit to the Post Office this morning when I discovered my copy of Bound and Lettered had arrived - and it contained the article I had written on Susan's and my collaborative works, the Pas de Deux collection.

The article features the story of the collaboration - in one place rather than over a few years of blog posts, as well as showing some of the pairs of our books.

It is nice to see the story in print, and lovely to be able to share it more broadly.

Here is the cover - in case you happen upon a copy somewhere or want to buy it online.

The photography by Anastasia Kayofyllidis is gorgeous and the books simply shine.

The palette of the works together is very much the look of the exhibition we held last year. Such a sympathetic and gentle feel to them all.

And then just because it has been an odd summer - jeans and jumpers one day singlet tops and shorts the next, literally, I've thought of these as the last of the summer roses...

They may not, but the way the light caught them, evoked that sort of feeling.


  1. Congratulations, Fiona! These are some lovely magazine spreads...and how wonderful that your wonderful collaboration will reach even further around the world....
    Your roses are lovely too! Here's hoping summer lingers in the nicest way possible...

    1. Thanks Lisa - summer is definitely lingering and we are enjoying the final flings of warmth. The article looks good and it is always nice to share...

  2. Wonderful! Great that the collaboration you and Susan shared could be seen and appreciated by a much broader audience. Congrats to you both!!

    1. Thanks Patti - it was such a wonderful journey together this seems a fitting way to finish. Go well.

  3. Congratulations! I'll be looking out for a copy.


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