Sunday, February 7, 2016

Quietly and Gently...

I mentioned I have two teaching commitments so far this year, one is Black Beauty and the other is Quietly and Gently.  This workshop is a five-day workshop held as part of the Wrap in Rocky event.

Held in Rockhampton 26 June - 2 July 2016, this event brings together 12 fibre tutors from around Australia and lots of folk who love paper and textiles.

Here is the blurb for the workshop I am teaching:

Sometimes we just need to be quiet, to slow down and be peaceful.

This workshop will explore the beauty and elegance of working white on white. The limited palette provides both challenges and opportunities, with serene outcomes.

Working on paper, you will have the opportunity to explore a myriad of ways to create texture and meaning on paper, using different materials and techniques. Embossing, printing, cutting, lettering and stitching will all form part of the week, and bookmaking will bring it all together.

Participants will create a sample book of techniques as well as a more formal book in which they tell their own story. We will also create a light slipcase to protect one of the books.

Suitable for all levels.

I am preparing lots of samples and ideas at the moment; I think I have pulled together the book format and am enjoying exploring all the possibilities of white on white.  As ever, you learn so much when you teach.

Here is some of the play I have been doing:

Cutting trials...without rubbing out or tidying up much

With shadows!

An angel or a bird?

Mucking around with old typewriters...

And here are some examples of previous work that might entice folk to attend.





Head to the Wrapt in Rocky website or Facebook page for more information.


  1. As soon as I read about this in the newsletter I followed the link to find out more. I'd book up for certain, even more so now that this post has reminded me of so many things you've done already. What a wonderful idea, particularly the cut out shadows and the embossing. Imagine the indulgence of having a whole week to explore these techniques. Bliss.

    1. It does feel like it would be a great indulgence Lesley - just to soak in it for five days! I may or may not get the numbers, but am looking forward to sharing the quietness...

  2. Hi Fiona, these workshop pieces are the best, l would so love to be there, have you ever thought of doing a workshop like this for the calligraphy society of victoria, you should contact them ..... cheers kate

    1. Thanks for the thought Kate - I hadn't I admit. It will hopefully be a lovely few days and we will get some good results. Go well.

  3. Are you familiar with the American slang "be still my heart"? Or is that one universal? My heart is fairly jumping out of my body right now with such yearning to take your class. It just so totally resonates with me. Is it okay to admit that I'm already envious of your students? What a art- and life changing experience this is bound to be.

    1. That feels pretty universal J! It would be lovely if I get the numbers, you never can tell, and I think we will have a beautiful few days just being quiet and gentle and making beautiful white on white things. Must admit I have been thumping away on all my old typewriters - not so quiet but magic results without ribbons...go well.


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