Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Busy times and time to play

The weather is turning towards Autumn at last, even tho winter officially starts here on 1 June and it just hasn't really been cold yet.

To my surprise, the garden has been busily continuing to provide us with heaps of produce and I was happy that I was able to find the time to take the next steps with it.

We have collected, husked and shelled nearly 40kg of macadamia nuts this year. Here is a quarter of them, ready to be roasted. Without husks and shells the nuts themselves weighed 8kg - this is 2kg.

And they were roasted and popped into jars. Delicious eating.

The citrus is going wild and we are juicing oranges, lemons and limes; and here is my first attempt at preserving lemons underway... orange cakes probably begin soon.

The bell peppers are still going, so sweet child sauce continues.

 And then the banana started ripening at a rate of knots; here are three mini banana cakes and there is a big Banana bread loaf as well.

But after being such a kitchen person, I headed to the studio to play with more paper cutting.

Whilst we were away in Scotland we were reminded of Charles Rennie MacKintosh, his wife Margaret MacDonald and Glaswegian roses.  Here are ac couple of attempts to cut stylised roses.

First drawing on the back

Cutting from behind

Looking at it from the front (over white paper)

Looking through it to some grey marks on paper.

And more a Glaswegian rosebud style perhaps.

Over white paper and thought to the grey again.

I like where they are going, will just have to keep on the path and see where it leads!


  1. You have been busy. The rose is interesting.

    1. Thanks Penny - sorry for my late reply! Amazingly busy time on the block. Go well.

  2. Love the paper cut outs. I want to see where you go with this.

    1. I really am enjoying them Candy - not sure how they will play out but they are fun. Go well.

  3. I can only drool at the bounty from your garden. It sounds light years away from what we grow here. Growing carrots and beans doesn't sound half as exciting as macadamia nuts and bananas!

    1. I am still a bit in shock at the current glut o produce Lesley - but am nonetheless enjoying the challenge! We grow the funniest shaped carrots so best stick to what works of res! Potatoes are good, I can do potatoes...


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