Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Print happenings

I have been fortunate to be working with a small bunch of talented, fearless and hardworking women helping to build an exciting Year of Print in regional Queensland.

Our major exhibition opens next week and it is going to be one stunning show.

The University of the Sunshine Coast Gallery is the venue, and the gallery there is such a beautiful space. It lifts your spirits just walking in.

Opening night is Thursday 19 May at 6.30pm. If you want to attend - do RSVP to the gallery and I hope to see you there!

 Susan has created the most beautiful catalogue for the show, and so everybody should buy a copy I think!! They are only $5 so if anybody overseas (or in Australia) wants me to get one for them, just leave a message and I'll work out how much postage is (probably $5 in Australia and $10 overseas but I will confirm) and I can send it to you.

I am planning to hang my three long "A Place Among the Clouds I" pieces from the ceiling, partially offset, so that they appear to hang in the air like clouds do, and you get the chance to move through them a bit.  Plan A.

I really hope that works out - they would feel a bit too tethered if they were attached to the wall.

The smaller set "A Place Among the Clouds III" will hopefully simply be pinned top left and top right with their bottom edge unattached so a little bit light and wavy like a cloud as well. Once again, Plan A.

I wrote the words for each of my 'poems' describing what it is like to:

live below the clouds -

Eyes up
Beneath the biggest of blue skies
Clouds meander, dash, swirl
The natural order holds
Me below
Clouds above

within the clouds -

Open doors invite the clouds
To join us
Surrounded by mist
Echoing softness
White and grey; noises muffled
I join the clouds
Dancing around me

and above the clouds -

Vapourised sighs
Awakening exhalations
From the valley's nightly slumber
Cloud puddles rising into light
Finding paths to eternity
Lifting and moving
Beyond my sight

I then reduced each of these poems down to three lines on a page (A Place Among the Clouds II which wasn't selected from the show) and then reduced these further down to single lines on a page for APATC III.

The sequence for the nine small pieces is this:

eyes up                        clouds meander                natural order

        open doors                  echoing softness               noises muffled

                   vapourised sighs         awakening exhalations     cloud puddles

There are a couple of associated events that I think will be great, including a panel discussion on Saturday 21 May again at the Uni. It is titled "What is Print" and we have several leading printmaking from around the country discussing the topic and taking us through the arguments for and against this and that. Should be fascinating...

On 8 June from 6pm-7pm at Caloundra Regional Gallery I am taking part in a panel discussion called "Making Your Mark" as printmaker and artist. I will talking about my love of letterpress.

On 11 June I am giving a one hour letterpress demonstration at the University from 10.30am - 11.30am and then at 11.30am I am taking part in the "Meet the Artist" session for Regional Marks.


So much print magic ahead!


  1. fiona, this is terrific! congratulations.

    1. Thanks V - I like these pieces too; and am looking forward to seeing them hanging!


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