Sunday, May 1, 2016

The world is a circle

We are home here on our mountain top - surrounded by mist and drizzle and clouds dancing by. Unpacking, washing clothes, tidying up, replying to emails and phone calls...the transition to real life list is underway.

As I uploaded photos and saved some to show our elderly neighbours, I was intrigued by how often circles appeared - on different days, and in different places - and so I went and had a look more closely...

An Andy Goldsworthy circle used as part of a display at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. I loved this museum and was intrigued by how Andy's work was incorporated into the display of ancient works and treasures.

A rusty tethering circle on a demolished pier at Carsaig on the Isloe of Mull. 

Almost a circle - a beautiful graphic pebble on beach on the Isle of Harris.

At the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness on Orkney, details of a work by Ben Nicholson. Aptly titled 3 Circles.  This was the most spectacular gallery - a special and rare find and we spent an unexpected couple of hours absorbed in the stunning work in the permanent collection.

Alongside the official captioning, they often had a description by a school child this one read "at night, a moon, lots of moons" Rohan Crichton, Class 4, Stromness Primary.


Further up the way on Orkney, by the Brough of Birsay, we came across an old mill and all of its wheels. This is one of them.

Back in Edinburgh this 'ball' was one of many decorations atop a wall outside the Sheraton Hotel.

 In Cardiff, by the Bay was the most magnificent sculptural memorial to Merchant Seafarers who died in times of war, by Brian Fell. A set of small interior circles.

Back to Edinburgh again, a circle on the patina-ed surface of a sculpture in the garden at the Scottish National Modern Art Gallery.

 Back home on the mountain, the circles I find are those that bring me full circle to my home...

 A bowl by Mary Jane.


  1. oooo I love love LOOOOOOOOOVE your circles xxxx ooooooo xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Ronnie; they felt so right to me.

  2. A little bit of magic in it all I think. Welcome home.

    1. Thanks Penny - there little bits of magic all around....

  3. "And go round and round and round
    in the circle game"
    Joni Mitchell "The Circle Game"

    1. Circles speak so eloquently don't they Mo, in so many languages.

  4. .. and so we come full circle.... lovely to hear you are home safe. What a shame there is always washing to do!

    1. Indeed, full circle. And yes, the washing! Still it is grand and happy to be home. Go well!


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