Sunday, August 7, 2016

Of walls and wood...

Which is an odd post title; but it's what emerged from the week!

We were busily attending a wedding in NSW last Saturday then down to Melbourne for work and then home, followed by a 9 hour return trip drive to Bundaberg to collect a stash for Barry (see here) then another drive down to Dayboro and back to deliver more of Barry's work and celebrate the opening of a new gallery-shop space.

The space is called 'entangle' and it hosts all manner of beautiful up-cycled, pre-loved earthy things; in particular items for homes and for gardens.

Housed in the old Butter Factory in Dayboro, it is a gorgeous, serene space, full of wonder.

Barry has his artisan's lamps on sale there; they are so perfect for the space and he has been doing really well.  Last night there was an opening, a "Meet the Maker" evening, and it was great to see his lamps on show. See his blog for more shots of them looking great.

I only chose this one - because it seems so right that his lamp is next to a bottle of red wine...

After wandering around downstairs looking at all the beautiful things, we went upstairs for a glass of wine and a bite to eat, and it was there, that the old walls really took over. I loved them so much!

Big sigh of happiness.

And so to wood.

In between all our gaddying about this week I collected a box of wooden type from the PO Box. It is my first full alphabet of wooden type (it is often hard to find full sets), so I was extra excited.  I had one spare type drawer in my chest of drawers and it fitted in there nicely.

In the box.

And then in the drawer. Happy days.

And the final shot of the post - me meeting "Mother Nature" one of the other Makers at entangle...

Hand made with hundreds of leaves, butterflies, beetles and birds attached...


  1. your TYPE! and i just have to love mother nature. but the photo of barry's lamp and the wine make me happy.

    1. Indeedy V the type is swoon-worthy! And I agree, Barry's lamp next to red wine is perfection me thinks. Go well.

  2. what a beautiful space for Barry's work !

    1. It is a truly gorgeous space Mo and his works is so at home there; and the space really lets it shine (no pun intended). Go well!

  3. I'm a little bit in love with that wooden set of type xxxx


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