Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday Thoughts...

Things in other peoples (sic) work influence you and I am all for that as long as you make it your own thing. You know, you want to speak louder than they do when you have finished. 

Rosalie Gascoigne

Once more into the world of pondering art with Rosalie as my provoker of thoughts.

This is always such a thorny issue to open up or discuss I think.  Despite thinking it would be fabulous to think I was the first and the only person to ever truly have thought what I thought or do what I did, I know that in reality we are all touched and moved by others' work and that in some way, it finds a way into your mind or your heart and you may embed it somehow in your work.

I have no time for copies. I have no time for people doing work that is so close to someone else's that it might as well have that person's name on it, except that it is usually not as good as the original and labelling it thus would be unfair to the originator.

I like it most when there is a long line between 'inspired by' or 'influenced by' and the work I am looking at, not a short line the I can draw distinctly.

I think Rosalie's words are an honest acceptance of what happens;  but her final sentence is what matters. Yes, let your work be influenced in some way, but make sure that it is clearly your voice that is heard when it is done. Not an echo of another, but yours, having taking a thought or idea and having translated and moulded into your way of making and being. Make sure you speak louder.

I don't know the name, but it's by Rosalie Gascoigne and I really like it...


  1. Rosalie's work has such a strong & powerful presence, she certainly made her own way!

  2. I too have no time for copies being presented as original work, but there's a case to be made for copying as a way of extending one's own skills and thoughts. Many an "own thing" starts that way, taking its time to develop. I also believe that it's impossible to copy accurately, unless you have the skills of a forger, and that's an entirely different agenda.
    Meanwhile it's so good to see the work of Rosalie Gascoigne again ... one of my favourite artists. Her idea of "speaking louder" is wonderful.
    margaret in london

    1. Hi Margaret, sorry for my tardiness! Yes, the forger is a particular skill set is it not!?!?! I agree that copying is good to test and develop your skills and to gain an insight into how to achieve certain results, but then you have to use those skills with your own voice I think. Our 'own things' often come with a spark for here and hint form there...and yes Rosalie is very wonderful and I never tire of quoting her or looking at her work. Go well.


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