Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday Thoughts...

"As artists, we’ve been blessed with the ability to turn to our work at such a time: for solace, or for catharsis, or simply to make sense of our experience…and although we do this for ourselves, it’s a double blessing when such work speaks to others as well. "

Alan Weisman

I actually do believe this is true for many of the artists I know. We make in response to something; to help us work something out; we work to create things of beauty in amongst the ash of the world; we often do try to make sense of our experience through our art and our making.

And I truly truly agree, that it is a double blessing when our work speaks to others as well.

It doesn't always do so; and it isn't always meant to. Oftentimes it can creep up on us and we don't even know we have touched somebody, and then a comment or a remark or by way of some small indicator we come to learn that our work has reached somebody else and moved them.

It is a reward not sought, and a blessing. And I can only speak for myself when I say that it moves me; and encourages me; and reminds me we need to to keep creating.

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  1. This is why blogs are so valuable to me: when an artist explains the thoughts behind a process, it enlivens the final product, giving it deeper meaning.

    I have been especially appreciative of your work in that regard. I carry the image of poppies and too many deaths in my mind's eye ... likewise the small books with pieces of time embedded in them, testimony on behalf of the women lost to the world ... and words of peace blowing in the wind.

    Thank you for your art and the vision that informs it ... more important, thank you for the time you invest in sharing those things here.

    1. Liz - thank you so much. It is ever so special to know that words and works reach out into the world and find their right place. I love that blogs allow for a fuller expression of our work, and for me, sharing the process is just part of who I am - I love the process and continue to be absorbed and inspired by it. It is wonderful to share and know that small parts of me have connected to others. Thanks and go well.

  2. You always respond to your chosen quotes with such eloquence Fiona. I agree with all that you've said here but doubt I could have done it half as well.

    1. Thank you Lesley - I am sure you would be equally eloquent! Perhaps it is partly because I choose a quote I am ready to respond to? It is good to share and to know that we have reached and touched others. Go well!


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