Wednesday, November 23, 2016

More fun than a roller coaster!

Well Monday (was it only two days ago?) was full on and full of fun!

The title of the post is the quote of the day from one of the children at the River School, so that feels like a pretty good report card.

Christine, Barry and I were almost sleepwalking zombies by the end of the day; but we had a great time and made some great work with the children of the River School; and also shared messages of care for our waterways and protection of our wildlife.

We worked with the whole school from children in Prep (age 5) up to Year 6 (age 12) and it was amazing to see the skills and talent in all years.

The only quiet moment of the day - setting up my work station.

Some of the Prep weather grams.

Some from Year 4

Christine had them printing up a storm on gelli-plates...

Deliciously inked plate.

Some of the prints.

And Barry had a wow of a time filling small cups with plastic and resin; and creating small plastic bags of resin as well.

We installed the work at Tanawha on Tuesday afternoon - so many prints and weathergrams to hang, and resin objects to place and install - after we had hosted our Japanese guests in the morning.

At home, the Japanese temple bell with "peace' on it was gonged... and much delight was shared.

And then we hung all the children's art work - another few hours work, but worth it.

Weather gram installation time.


A turtle made from rubbish from the waterways and more prints.

 The resin bags and cups installed on blue...

And some Shimokawa san's work - melted plastic bottle caps found in the waterways.

Finally, a couple of panorama shots - of Shimokawa-san's work in the gallery; and the River School's work...

 Phew, time for a lie down I reckon!


  1. What a sense of accomplishment you must have gotten working with children... they are so open and free with their artistic expression and it must be contagious... how wonderful.

    1. So true Donna - the kids were great! Such knowledge and imagination...

  2. What a glorious load of rubbish! Lovely, Fiona.Thank you.

  3. F - those pano shots show just how it was worth becoming workshop zombies. B

    1. True B - zombies we were, but so worth it!

  4. children are so creative, years ago on Earth Day at the Cleveland Metropark zoo, I set up a station for dead fish prints, the children were so excited and scared, but all the prints were lovely

    1. Sounds fabulous Susan - I think their curiosity and fearlessness is a joy to behold; and the dead fish prints sound amazing!


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