Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Stationery heaven

I think I have caught up with the posts I wanted to share from Japan - here is one for the stationery lovers.

Whilst I w a keen to look for paper when we visited; we didn't really have the time or schedule to explore paper factories and the like; so I satisfied myself with a day or two in Tokyo checking out stationery stores as best we could.

I think Tokyo is heaven for stationery-lovers.  There is so much beautiful paper, ink and styling going on.

We made our way through back streets as darkness fell to Kakimori - not far from Ginza - where I had read you could make your own notebook.

Which is kind of funny seeing as how I can make my own anyway, but it was fun to wander around the shop selecting paper, covers and clasps.

Here are our two notebooks on completion - they look pretty staid but are much nicer in the hand! We agreed it was as much about the experience and the theatre as it was about the outcome; altho I do like my notebook.

 Next door was probably the most amazing find of the trip - a shop called Inkstand where you could mix your own ink colours. That level purple is made from 3 drop son plum mixed with one drop of blue suede.

And you get the idea...

It was almost closing time by the time we dropped in (which was probably fortunate for the bank account) but I loved the precision with which these women were testing and trialling their signature colours.

I was in fact besotted by the whole thing and could have spent hours there.  I think it will be first up on any future visit to Tokyo.

The next day we visited It-Oya, 8 stories of stationery in Ginza. Huge sigh.

The entrance display of wash tape!

Some samples I bought home.

Walls and walls of samples to choose from.

 And then across the road was the 5 or 6 story shop of art supplies. Throughout the shop the displays of individual coloured pencils were so beautiful.

I am sure there are many more we didn't get to, and they will  make for more fun next time!


  1. oh, fiona, wow. possibly 30 or so years ago i bought from the Moma catalog 2 Itoya notebooks, which i enjoyed journalling in so much. they were such a wonderful luxury for me. and like you, i can make my own, but, oh!

    1. There is something ever so specail about a beautiful journal isn't there V? Touching the paper, sighing, all so lovely! Go well.

  2. The Japanese are so.....perfect? Perfectly Zen? Anyway, these are some amazing photos. Art in their own right.

    1. I love this zen-like aesthetic Roberta - I find it so calming...

  3. Thanks Fiona, for this magical journey!

    1. There were so many moments of delight Pam - these quiet gorgeous moments were special...


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