Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday Thoughts...

“In difficult times you should always carry something beautiful in your mind” 

Blaise Pascal

As one looks around the world, and most often at our political classes behaving in the worst possible ways, we can feel discouraged, dejected and a bit overwhelmed.

We had another instance of nasty, unnecessary political commentary this week here, and I fear for our integrity, our kindness, our decency and our humanity.  It worries me, it frustrates me and at times make me feel ill. But holding those thoughts in my head does me no good - they can be a catalyst for action; they can be the reminder for me not just accept things the way they are; but I cannot let them fester.

To help me right myself, restore my equilibrium, I think Blaise Pascal has it just right - in troubling times we need to carry something beautiful with us - and in our minds we can create beauty.

So many friends are making and creating beautiful things, doing fabulous things, speaking truths of beauty - that it is not as hard as I thought to carry beauty with me.

Barry's post yesterday gave me such encouragement - the power of beauty in nature to heal and restore.

Imagine beauty and carry it with you...

A piece from a beautiful exhibition we saw in Tokyo recently - my heart slowed when I walked in and I carry that sense of peace and of beauty with me..


  1. always keep a diamond in your mind--i think i have that quote from tom waits right.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Pam - we need beauty and diamonds in our minds right now...go well.

  3. I too carry something special, after the election I purchased a tiny hand made copper circle with namaste engraved

    1. Susan, sometimes the real things we can hold and carry in our pockets help reminds us too don't they? We all need beauty and peace right now, go well.

  4. Fiona, whilst I do not know the instance to which you refer, I can only commiserate if your wonderful country is following ours and the US with some quite unbelievable happenings this year. I am left bemused and confused by most of what has happened but think you have the answer here. Stay positive and keep thinking about the good things that are out there.

    1. Oh Lesley it's too awful isn't it? The race to become the lowest of the low? In amongst it all I am buoyed by the beauty that others are creating and the sense of unity amongst those who care...go well.


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