Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A little bit of art...

We had to deal with the weather last week; now it is sunny, but the devastation is north and south of us.

The only nice thing about losing power is that you get to have candlelight dinners and go to bed early!

Boiling water for cups of tea.

Celebratory bubbles and lovely cheese for dinner.

Most of the art-making at the moment is preparations. Selecting fabrics and threads for a commission; thinking my way through layouts and paper selections for another one. Nothing much to show; but a lot of pondering and thinking is going on.

Fabric selection is never easy. Do I want sheer, or solid? Cream, off-white or white?

And then of course I might check out if lightly dyed sheer fabrics might be the answer?

Loving this sheer, slightly grey edge

The creams and white to choose between.

I love the edges, frayed and thready.

I have completed all of my alphabet pebbles for our Open Studio and they are all packed in their bags waiting for folk to select the words they want.



  1. So glad you all had nothing more than a power outage from the cyclone ... the images on the news were sobering.

    Looking forward to seeing what you are doing with those sheer fabrics. I had a recent "fail" on a project when I ran out of a key fabric and the reorder resulted in a white too different from the original ... sadly, dyeing wasn't an option. However, I now have an expanse of off-white harem cloth to play with!

    1. We were very grateful that we simply lost power Liz - so much damage north and south of us - and now in New Zealand as well! It's one of my nightmares, running out of paper mostly, but running out of fabric now too - each dye lot i just subtly different. I hope you can enjoy playing with the 'fail' fabric and create something beautiful. Go well.

  2. I thought of you last week and wondered how you'd fared. The news coverage here was most alarming. So glad to hear you've survived OK with only power cuts to endure. Take care.

    1. Thanks C/M - we did well altho it was a bit nerve wracking at the time. So grateful we missed the worst of it and can slip back into our lives with just the blip...


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