Sunday, April 16, 2017

Open Studio Sunday...

We find ourselves at the end of two full and fulfilling days.

Open Studio time always causes us to stop, think about what we are showing or demonstrating, clean up around the studio, prepare pricing and display our work. It is quite an effort; but always worth it.

We have caught up with old friends, met new folk, talked about art, and gardens and sculpture and paper and feminism. We have talked with children about why art costs so much; and we have demonstrated letterpress and metal stamping. we have shared gifts and kindness and sold our work. What a full and fulfilling time it has been.

Some still lives from the studio - did not get to take a single action shot all weekend!

The Library of Lost Words and some Rainbow Daily Words...

Imagine Peace and Message Bottles.


Under Construction book detail.


Quiet corner with the sun streaming in.

Another quiet, little bit sunny corner with another Under Construction book.

Barry's earrings - not many of these left!

Message Bottles up close.

The Easter weather was spectacular. My Dad supplied us with coffees; my brother, sister-in-law and niece provided us with lunches and Dad cooked dinner last night. It was a huge family effort in the end and a really enjoyable time.

With thanks to all who came and visited and purchased art...


  1. looks like you had a busy, yet agreeable time. Congratulations !

  2. Wonderful! Glad it was a success!

    1. Thanks Valerianna - it was a good couple days...

  3. Such a lot of beautiful work. I live to far away to visit but the virtual version is a bgood second best

    1. Thanks Jac - I agree - the inter web does help, but also makes me yearn to travel and visit and see and feel and touch on the other side of the world! Go well.

  4. All of this looks amazing Fiona! Did you make the earrings ?? I adore them! Where do you sell these? I still have my little stone alphabets, they are a delight xox


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