Sunday, April 9, 2017

Planning and Preparations

I do so much thinking before I begin.

Lots of random ideas the pop into your head, then time spent jotting them down in different places; then gathering them all together in one spot.

Thinking about size, colour, weight, materials, textures and the like - always working out how best to convey the message.

This is where I was up to with one commission till last week.

Trying to work out which type size and font to use...

Don't you love that there is a typeface called Grotesque?!?!?!

Pondering layout and colour

Pondering size and paper and testing...

See what I mean about the need to consolidate my thoughts? I jotted these down one  night over at the house and had to stick them in my journal book over in the studio so that I remembered my new plan, and kept all the notes together.

Luckily I understand what all the random thoughts and notes mean.

Up to this point, there were four works in the plan. Then I got a phone call from the person commissioning the work; and they were back to one.

So I had to then think my way through how best to modify and accommodate all my ideas into a single piece - or not. I played around a bit today; and have some answers; but just as many questions, so it will be a while yet before this one is resolved I think.

I did however, manage to do a couple of small lovely little things - getting ready for the Open Studio next weekend!

I am calling them Message Bottles...

These photos show "the eloquence of silence" in the round, kind of,  sort of...


601 mvr
Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 April
10am - 4pm each day


  1. You have such clarity of thought Fiona and I'm sure the commission will be anything but 'grotesque' (now what does that look like I wonder????)

    1. I should show you Lesley! It is [petty much not the same as it's name...Sometimes I think I think too much; and sometimes I think I haven't thought things thru enough! Laugh.

  2. oh, the message bottles are soooooooo cute !

  3. good on you for taking commissions, I gave them up at the turn of the century as I could feel time running out for getting the long held dreams out of my head and into being in this lifetime & even with 17 years down the track am realizing some won't ever get there, like the life sized carved carousel horse that has been on the back burner since I was 7, saying that I did enjoy working to a brief but never for committees!

    1. These ones are special Mo; but I do in general agree. They take so much time and are so focused on meeting the brief, that some of the fun disappears; but then at the end of these you know how precious they are and smile quietly inside to know they are with the right people for all the right reasons...Good luck with that carousel horse - sounds fab! Like you I still feel as if I might need about 3 lifetimes to do all the things I want to...

  4. Ah, if only I could be on the other side of the world ... how I would love to tour your studio!

    1. Wouldn't that be grand Liz? Perhaps teleporting will appear before we are gone...go well.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Valerianna - we're looking forward to it!


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