Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Calligraphic siblings

After a few trials here and there I came up with the way I wanted the pieces for Sydney to have calligraphic siblings.  I chose my own heartbeat font - it makes sense to use your own style - and I like the way the densely written lines make you work for it.

Lots of tracing and transferring are needed in the early stages. For those who like process - there is plenty in this!

I start by lining up my page with the master layout underneath, then taping the page in place. All very high tech.

Then its down to line up the master-lines and draw them onto the page. Tools of the trade.

And then the writing.  Once again, I want the reading of these words to be disjointed, difficult and to make you feel a bit twitchy about the lack of ease. I stop where I stop. Words are broken. Hard to read. Things left unsaid.

 My desk is a mess at the moment - I keep clearing tiny spaces to work in as I have to just to keep on pushing through. The joy of tidying shall come later.

So here we have three versions of each - aiming for a calligraphic edition of 2. I will add the red highlights, then select and choose in a wee while, title and sign, photograph and then its off to get framed and wrapped and packed! Only a dozen mores steps and we're done! Time to get on with the books I think.


  1. Oh so gorgeous... you are SO talented!
    Happy Lammas/Imbolc!

  2. Thanks Claire - so kind! It is slow and tedious at times, but I am happy with where I got to. Go well.

  3. looking forward to seeing this work in real life at the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair next month!

  4. You are so through and so neat! I love process posts and can only envy your meticulous approach from afar. These pieces look gorgeous.

    1. Even for me Lesley these have been process-oriented! Loads of process, but int he end, hopefully all worth it. Go well.


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