Sunday, August 13, 2017

Time for teaching

I am at that stage with work for the Sydney Contemporary where I have sent it off for framing; and have ordered the Perspex boxes to be made for my books.

Wouldn't it be nice to think "my work here is done"?!?!  Of course, it isn't, and with the work getting finalised, then ready for packing and sending to Sydney, I have been doing the other work which always accompanies shows and exhibitions - the paper work.

So I have photographed all the work; prepared an inventory; created documentation for each and every piece of work detailing methods, inks, nibs, typefaces, paper etc etc; ordered new stickers; designed new business cards; and searched for and found the right size cello bags for all my prints.

It's never just about the art...

So not much art to show for the week; but I did find time to teach a letterpress workshop at the University of Sunshine Coast.

As part of their Back to Basics strategy; the Design and Communications Centre (aka Irene Visser) promotes free workshops to students to get back to the hand made and hand written. I have taught one of these workshops before and this time we had a 3 hour demonstration and sample of letterpress.

There were about 30 interested students who got up close and personal with some samples of my work, and the type and the presses.

Folk were most surprised to feel how heavy this rather small box of type was! But isn't it lovely?

People printing, setting up and locking chases...

And Irene with her card that reflects the course she and Thomas teach!

The students played with a few of my locked up type formes - and created their own lovely postcards...

Thank you Irene, Thomas and USC for another great day - sharing my love for the hand made and the hand printed.


  1. What lucky people! Was the title of the workshop chosen by you? It is perfect. Says it all.

  2. They got it in one didn't they Lesley?? It was fun!


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