Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday Thoughts...

"I lived in solitude in the country and noticed how the monotony of quiet life stimulates the creative mind" 

 Albert Einstein

These words seem so apt when we live in the time of fake news and opinions being weighted equally with expertise or facts.

Part of this made me smile and think -monotony?!??! And part of it made me think oh yes, the solitude of the country can really and truly stimulate the creative mind.

With regards monotony I am not so sure I can agree - life where we are hardly seems monotonous; but I can empathise with the notion of solitude and quiet encouraging creativity.

I find my best creative times come not when I am full of buzz and energy and fast moving; but rather when I am sitting quietly with my thoughts and my space around me and things are able to emerge - gently, quietly and flowingly.

Insights can appear from nowhere and appear not as the result of any process that I am conscious of; but I tend to only hear those ones when I am quiet and calm.  Solitude also feels right for creativity for me - no distractions, a sense of withdrawal from the world of others for a bit to spend time with the inner workings...

Who knew? Me and Einstein almost at one (or at least at a half!).

A different kind of solitude to our country solitude, but still, a glorious solitude...


  1. The nexus of land, sea, and air is indeed a glorious solitude ...

  2. the beach is the best soul food!

    1. I think so too Mo - the tide comes in and goes out, the waves form and reform, the air the gulls...

  3. Liz A stately it so eloquently. There is something very special about the shoreline and all that immediately touches it...and is touched by it. A balm to the soul for certain.

  4. you and barry at the shore. and far away, i think. solace.


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