Tuesday, October 10, 2017

White on white workshop

On Sunday I taught my Quietly and Gently workshop to the Calligraphers of South East Queensland.  They are such a talented bunch and always so open and enthusiastic that it is always a pleasure to head down to Brisbane and spend a day with them.

They very enthusiastically engaged with the ideas of white on white, the possibilities and the messages the techniques convey.

They all made loads of samples and we all decided that a pouch was the way to go to store them.  The book would have ended up eating into our time to make, experiment and create!

With thanks to Susan, Marg, Donnie, Desma, Ally, Christine, Barb, Lynne, Robin, Jo, Kay, Sandra and Jennie; here are some of the beautiful samples they created...

And samples alongside pouches...

At the beginning of the workshop we spent some time talking about the vocabulary of white, what it says, how it makes you feel and so on.  Here is the list we came up with in pretty quick time.  

We worked on themes that reflected these types of words, and if we had had another day; we might have gone on to write a verse or poem, inspired by these words, and then created a finished piece of it.  That could be the two day version of the original 5 day version of this workshop - so many options!

Here is the small verse I came up with based on these words.

clean, cool light
purity of shadows;
absence is clear,
uplifting, spiritual serenity.

Thanks once again to CSEQ for having me - it was grand.


  1. I did my own white-on-white project in response to your earlier post ... it was a return to an earlier time when I made altar linens for a tiny 18th-century church. Thank you for the reminder and for sharing your workshop experience here.

    1. So lovely to know connections are made, ripples sent out and call and response occurs even without a vocal call...I hope you enjoyed it Liz; the altar cloth work sounds so beautiful...go well.

  2. i'm always astonished by the richness of the white workshops...how white sings in your hands.

    1. Thanks Velma - white on white seems to work for me somehow and I think it has a lot to say in a gentle way...go well.

  3. Lovely work here; makes me want to try white-on-white myself. It might be hard for me - I'm addicted to intense color - but I think I could learn a lot from it. Thanks for sharing these!

    1. Enjoy! It is worth the explore I think - quite challenging in its own way to make things appear, or disappear...

  4. White on white works wonderfully well; very subtle,stylisg and elegant!


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